Your Guide to Starting a Business in Cornwall, SDG and Akwesasne

Starting A Business

Starting a business can be a rewarding and daunting experience. Our startup guide will help make the journey less daunting and hopefully pave the way to a rewarding venture!


There are many resources designed to help you start a business. This guide is just one of them.

We recommend all new businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs contact the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre (CBEC). We are very fortunate to have a very active Business Enterprise Centre in our area. Visit their website

Chapter 1 : Market Research: Is There Opportunity?

Have an idea for a business or service, but not sure what next? You can obtain free high-quality market research from the Government of Ontario; our guide can show you how!

Chapter 2 : Identifying A Reasonable Customer Base

Who are you selling to, are they local or outside Canada? Are there enough customers to support your business? Where are the trends heading? Check out our resources to find out!

Chapter 3 : To Build or Buy?

Buying a business or franchise can be like buying a house. Doing the right research is essential. Franchises come in every shape and size, are they right for you?

Chapter 4 : Make a Prototype and Test It

Do you need support for your soft launch? What about building your prototype? Our resources have solutions for the next step in your journey to starting a business.

Chapter 5 : Sourcing Raw Materials

Have you thought about your raw materials? What if you need more, but you cannot get them in time to fill your orders? Inventory management can help save you time and money.

Chapter 6 : Do You Have A Permit for That?

It is vital to the success of your business to ensure you have acquired all the permits required for your business. 

Chapter 7 : Make A Business Plan

Business Plans are how you keep yourself on track toward your goals in business. Learn how to write a Business Plan yourself or find help with writing one, here.

Chapter 8 : Payroll & Bookkeeping

Every company needs to record their sales transactions and payroll, but when is it time to turn that job over to a professional? Find out more about Bookkeeping and Payroll here.

Chapter 9 : Hope for The Best, Plan for The Worst

What should you do when the unexpected happens? Solid Business Insurance can keep you covered and contingency planning can keep you running.

Chapter 10 : Seeking Financing

Finding financing for your new business can be challenging, but it does not have to be! Check out our resources for small business financing here!

Chapter 11 : Location, Location, Location

Picking the perfect location for your business can be whole lot easier with our resources on choosing a good business location. A dedicated space for your venture offers many perks.

Chapter 12 : The Importance of Networking

Networking is important for anyone just starting out. Find out why networking can make a difference, how to do it, and where to go to make connections that matter.

Chapter 14 : The Value of Mentorship

Finding a mentor to guide you can keep you from stumbling along in the dark. We can help you find a business mentor easily, here!

Chapter 15 : Learning Never Ends

Business never stops changing which means business owners never stop learning. Check out our resources for education, including free online options!

Chapter 16 : Technology in Business

Technology remains a driving force in business. Do you need to move your business online? Learn how to create your own website here!

Chapter 17 : Building A Social Media Presence

Social Media is the best way to connect to existing customers and find new one. Learn how to use Social Media to drive your sales, here!

Chapter 18 :

Marketing your business does not have to be expensive- targeting your customers is easier than ever using technology. Check out our information on marketing here!

Chapter 19 : Women in Business

Women in business face a challenging road, but there are lots of organizations to help navigate the way. Find out about non-profits and Government programs for Women in Business here!

Chapter 20 : Hiring

Finding your first employees might seem overwhelming, but we have you covered. Find out where to get job description templates that conforms to Ontario Employment Laws and more, here.

Chapter 21: Group Benefits

We have you covered on what to know about group benefits for your business. Learn how offering benefits has many rewards, not just for your employees.

Bouns Content : Interview with Bookkeeper Andrew Seguin

Andrew discuss what a bookkeeper is an how they can help your startup.

Bouns Content : Interview with Jean Charlebois of McDougall Insurance

Jean talks about commercial insurance and startups.


Lesley outlines how ACCFutures can help startups with financing and other support services.


Victoria points out some of the pitfalls new entrepreneurs need to be wary of.