Township of South Glengarry Council Meeting – August 04, 2020

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Office Renovations:

  • The Township of South Glengarry had issued an RFP to improve the municipal office at 6 Oak Street to increase efficiency and safety for staff regarding COVID-19. This project is to be completed in 3 Phases.
  • Council voted to accept JL Richards and Associates’ design (Phase 1) at a cost of $7,500.00 and to award JL Richards and Associates’ submitted price of $24,220 to complete Phase 2 (final detailed design to be ready for tender) and $130 per hour per team member to complete Phase 3 (consulting services during construction, as required).
  • All renovations are expected to be completed by the fall. Until then, the office will open (as of Aug 04) to the public, and staff will operate under safe measures.

Char-Lan Arena Reopening:

  • Council approved to proceed with this installation of ice at the Char-Lan Arena on September 08, 2020 and will abide by health and safety protocols with proper guidance and training provided to staff for safe operations under COVID-19 and as directed by the EOHU.
  • Due to the shorted hours of operation, increased staffing, and increased sanitization costs, the opening of the area will cost an additional $54,600 against the 2020 budget.

Quotes for New Council Audio Equipment:

  • It was determined that improvements to the current sound systems were necessary as more meetings will be held electronically. Council approved to award the installation of a new audio system to Baldwin Presentation Systems in the estimated amount of $19,687.66. The budget originally set out for this project was $30,000.

Budget – Set Dates for 2021 Budget Deliberations

  • Council voted to select Nov 06 and Nov 20, 2020 to deliberate the 2021 budget.

Surplus Lands Lancaster Heights:

  • 5 of the 31 lots put for sale in Lancaster Heights have been sold. This means there are 26 lots left to sell. If all get sold, it will add $513,260 to the revenue (not accounted for in the budget).
  • Council approved to direct Administration to issue an RFP to secure a realtor to aid in the selling of these properties.

General Insurance RFP Results:

  • Two quotes for General Insurance Requirements and Risk Management Services were put forward to Council, with the recommendation to accept the RFP from Marsh Canada/JLT as it provides more coverage at a lower cost.
  • Council voted to direct administration to renew their insurance with Marsh/JTL for one year.

ICON Program:

  • Province of Ontario released the Improving Connectivity of Ontario Program (ICON) on July 09, 2020 that will bring improved internet connectivity to areas in Ontario that may lack reliable internet services.
  • ICON will use a two-stage process. Stage 1 will determine if applicants qualify for the program and Stage 2 ill be a more detailed assessment of the project.
  • The program will fund up to 25% of the project’s cost. Hopefully, the service providers chosen to partner on this project will fund the other 75%, which means this project will not affect the 2020 budget.
  • It is not determined at this time if South Glengarry will be applying for ICON based on the feasibility of service providers and overall costs. However, it is recommended to continue to work with different service providers to try to secure a solution.
  • Council expressed interest in putting aside a reserve fund in the coming budget in order to fund these types of projects in the future.
  • Council voted to support Administration to secure partnership with a service provider to improve the highspeed internet services in South Glengarry and to provide a letter of support.

Longevity Acrylics Ltd. Site Plan Control Agreement:

  • The property owner of 6861 Richmond Road is planning to build two warehouse structures behind the existing building. In the site plan control agreement is the request for additional water services (in case of fire).  
  • Council voted to approve the Site Plan Control Agreement.  

Cornwall Roof Truss Inc. Site Plan Control Agreement:

  • Cornwall Roof Truss Inc is proposing to construct an addition to an existing structure on the property and is subject to Site Plan Control. Similar to Longevity Acrylics Ltd., there will need to be determined that there is appropriate quantities of water accessible at this site (in case of fire).
  • Council voted to approve the Site Plan Control Agreement.
Greg Pietersma
Author: Greg Pietersma

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