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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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The Council of South Stormont awarded the 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award to Lindsey Winters and the Fran Laflamme South Stormont Volunteer Award to Marlin Maloney, approved to close the Township Office on September 30 for National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, and approved a Succession Planning Policy.

2020 Volunteer(s) of the Year was awarded to Lindsey Winters.

Fran Laflamme South Stormont Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Marlin Maloney.

Delegation – FoodCycler, Christina Zardo

  • FoodCycler is working with local municipalities to pilot their technology for an in-home food recycling appliance.
  • FoodCycler has recommended to Council to partner on a $12,500 pilot program to help supply 100 FoodCycler units to residents of the community. This would divert food waste from the landfills and help residents interested in the program to afford a FoodCycler unit.
  • Administration will return to Council with a report at a future meeting.

Asset Management Program Update

  • Administration is preparing an Asset Management Plan. This will include documenting and tracking current performance of approved customer and technical LoS, continued working on management framework, and exploring different Asset Management solutions.

Recognition of National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

  • Council approved to commit to recognizing September 30, 2021, as the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation by sharing the stories of residential school survivors, their families, and communities.
  • The Township Office will be closed on this day.

Support for OPP Mobile Crisis Response Team

  • Council approved to support the SD&G OPP in their request to the Ministry of Health to provide stable base funding for their Mobile Crisis Response Team, ensuring program stability, continuance and enhancement to aid and support the mental health for our community.

Adopt Human Resources Policies

  • Council approved to adopt the employment Equity and Diversity, Recruitment, and Continuing Education, Professional Development and Education Assistance Human Resource Policies.

Arena Solar Energy Consultant

  • In June, the Council received a presentation from Otter Energy recommending that the Council add solar to Long Sault Arena to reduce energy costs.
  • Council approved a non-budgeted project for a solar plan pre-feasibility report and a structural capacity assessment with an upset limit of $65,000 for the Long Sault Arena.

Succession Planning, Policy and Organizational Change

  • Council has spent several meetings reviewing the documents presented tonight. This will position the Township with the framework to obtain the organization’s skills, knowledge, and abilities to grow and succeed.
  • Council approved the Succession Planning and Policy and Organizational Change.

Adopt Levels of Service for Core Municipal Infrastructure Assets

  • Council approved the Customer and Technical Levels of Service, including targets for core municipal infrastructure assets. This includes services such as roads, structures, stormwater, water, and wastewater.

RFQ No. 17-2021 Assessment of Municipal Stormwater Assets Project

  • Council approved to award $65,510 to AECOM Canada Ltd. for the assessment of municipal stormwater assets.

RFQ No. 18-2021 Supply of one (1) Fire Apparatus – PumperTanker

  • Council approved to award $642,904.46 to Battleshield Industries Ltd. for the supply of a Fire Apparatus – Pumper-Tanker.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  1. By-law No. 2021-069 Procedural By-Law
  2. By-law No. 2021-070 Transfer Payment Agreement under the ICIP Community Culture and Recreation Stream

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, October 06, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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