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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

The Council of South Stormont held a public meeting for proposed changes to building permit fees, received a presentation from MP Eric Duncan, and received a presentation from John Sliter regarding the revival of the Walleye population in Hoople Creek.

Public Meeting – Proposed Changes to Building Permit Fees

  • Some of the fee changes in the By-Law include an increase from $1188 to $1358 (minimum) for permit fees, a $150 annual maintenance fee for all open permits that are considered dormant, a 25% surcharge for conditional permits, and a $250 limiting distance agreement fee.
  • Members of the public are welcomed to provide comments on the issue by emailing

Delegations – OPP

  • No significant changes were reported.

Delegations – MP Eric Duncan, Federal Update

  • MP Eric Duncan gave an update on the tasks he has been engaged with on behalf of the municipality. These activities include water levels on the St. Lawrence River, Cell and Internet Services, VIA Rail, 9-8-8 National Suicide Line, Affordable Housing, and Infrastructure.

John Sliter, Revival of Walleye Population in Hoople Creek

  • The Walleye population in Hoople Creek has been declining since 2010. Overfishing, reducing water levels, increased nitrogen in the water, and removal of a protection fence may be responsible for the decrease in population.
  • John Sliter’s plan to help the Walleye population restore is to assess the current state of the spawning grounds, protect the spawning area with fences and gates, monitor the walleye fish count in the area, and implement a stocking program. The plan also includes creating a non-profit organization. The proposed plan should be completed in 2025.
  • John Sliter has requested funding from the municipality to support the program.

Council approved the following consent items:

  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – Rabies Control Operations

Monthly Procurement Report – June 2021

  • Administration has approved four Requests for Proposals: Dillon Consulting, two Playground Planners, and a truck.

Funds for Waterfront Development

  • A Waterfront Development Reserve fund will be added to the 2021 budget of $499,707.

Draft Reserve and Reserve Fund Policy

  • The Reserves and Reserve Fund Policy will be brought back to Council for approval at a future meeting.

Asset Management Program Update

  • The Township has completed the First Strategic Asset Management Policy. The next step will be to complete a Core Assets strategy that will be included in the plan.

Regional Waste Management Study Question Response

  • Administration provided a response to The Regional Waste Management Steering Committee that presented four questions to all local Councils to facilitate a more detailed discussion for inclusion in the final report.

Support Town of Fort Erie – Capital Gains on Primary Residence

  • Council approved to support the resolution from the Town of Fort Erie petitioning the Federal Government to cease further consideration of eliminating capital gains tax exemptions on primary residences.

Support City of St. Catherines – Lyme Disease Awareness and Action

  • Council approved to support the resolution from the City of St. Catherines to expand testing on all strains of Lyme Disease and improve the level of treatment and care for this disease.

CIP Application 2021-01: Jimmy’s Restaurant

  • Council approved the CIP Application of $7,500 from Jimmy’s Restaurant to replace the gravel parking lot with asphalt.

Selection of the 2020 Volunteers of the Year (Confidential)

  • Council approved the Volunteer Appreciation Committee’s selections for the winners of the 2020 Youth Volunteer for the Year Award and the 2020 Fran Laflamme Volunteer of the Year Award.
  • The names of the winners will be announced at a regular Council meeting in September 2021.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  1. By-law No. 2021–051 Appoint Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards Committee Member
  2. By-Law No. 2021-052 Amend By-Law No. 2021-030 Adopt 2021 Tax Rates
  3. By-law No. 2021-053 Authorize the Sale of Land (Surplus Pedestrian Lane, Spruce Street, Ingleside)
  4. By-law No. 2021-054 Authorize an Agreement Relative to Physician Recruitment

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, July 14, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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