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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

The Council of South Stormont will review Noise and Nuisance By-Law, was denied The Green Stream ICIP for an upgrade to the Ingleside Waste Water Treatment Plant, presented a draft Procedural By-Law, and approved to the construction of a Multi-Use Path in the Arnold Bethune Park.

Delegations – OPP

  • No significant changes were reported.

Council approved the following consent items:

  • Monthly Activity Summary – CAO 12
  • Monthly Activity Summary – Director of Corporate Services/Clerk
  • Monthly Activity Summary – Director of Finance/Treasurer
  • Monthly Activity Summary – Fire Chief
  • Monthly Activity Summary – Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Monthly Activity Summary – Director of Planning/Building

Monthly Procurement Report – July 2021

  • Administration engaged in an RFP with the United Counties of SDG for the purchase of Automatic Vehicle Locater (AVL) Services for $9,384.

Revenue and Expenditure Report – Quarter 2 (2021)

  • The Council recorded $8,961,789 revenue for Q2.

Pumper/Tanker Location

  • A new pumper/tanker was purchased for the Newington Fire Hall; however, it is too large for the building. The pumper/tanker will go into St. Andrews Fire Hall, and the existing Pumper at St. Andrews will move to Newington Fire Hall.

Noise and Nuisance By-law Review         

  • Administration brought several suggestions to Council for changes to the Noise and Nuisance Bylaw. These changes include the implementation of decibel meter, general prohibitions, and the designation of zones.
  • The next step will be to gauge interest in collaboration, provide a summary of revisions and objectives for public engagement, and presenting a draft by-law with public comments.

Submission to Canada Community Revitalization Fund

  • The submission includes constructing Phase II of a Multi-Use Path at Arnold Bethune Park and playground equipment at Maple Street Park, Mouinette Island Park, Arrowhead Estates Park, Simon Fraser Park, and Chase Meadows Park. The total cost for all projects is $486,000, with $364,500 being covered by the grant.
  • Grant application review and approval are expected for September 2021.

Ingleside Wastewater Treatment Plant Update

  • The submission to The Green Stream ICIP program for updates to the Water Treatment plant was denied, as its intent is to focus on water distribution and not water treatment.
  • EVB is preparing to test a series of functions at the Ingleside Waste Water Treatment Plant to determine what areas may be expanded and what areas may not require any changes.
  • The Township is also working with Lactalis to discuss the company’s wastewater needs.

Asset Management Program Update

  • The Asset Management Program is on track in updating the asset inventory.
  • The next steps will be to revise Levels of Service and explore AM solutions to support the development of an Asset Management Plan.

Draft Procedural By-law

  • Several changes were made to the current Procedural By-Law, including removal of duplication between other procedural documents, simplified language, the addition of procedural summary, the addition of weekly information items, reduced time of delegations, reconsideration, addition of committee/member announcement,  and the addition of electronic participation and live streaming for meetings.
  • The next steps will be to continue to make adjustments to the by-law before putting it to the public for comment and solicitor review.

2021 Municipal Grant Applications

  • Council approved to provide the Stormont Agricultural Society – Stormont County Fair $3,640 and Stormont Plowmen’s Association for $200.

Municipal Grant Application from Friends of Hoople Creek

  • Council approved a grant for $1,500 to the Friends of the Hoople Creek in support of Start-up costs. The money will pay for the local Ice Fishing Tournament and help to re-establish fishin in this area.

Establish and Reclassify Reserves

  • Council approved to establish and reclassify the following reserves:
    • Information Technology Reserve
    • Service Delivery Reserve
    • Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve
    • Fire Facility Reserve
    • Fire and Protection Reserve
    • Bridge Reserve
    • Winter Control Reserve
    • Parks Reserve
    • Recreation Equipment Reserve
    • Waterfront Reserve
    • Planning Reserve
    • Economic Development Reserve

Acknowledge and Respond to Offer to Tour Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront

  • Council approved to decline an invitation from Douglas Leighton Consulting Associates to tour the City of Sault St. Marie waterfront. An invite was extended to select delegates from The Township and the City of Cornwall.

RFQ 16-2016 Construction of Multi-Use Path

  • Council approved to award RFQ for the construction of Phase I of the Multi-Use Path in the Arnold Bethune Park to David Brown Construction for $112,632.25.
  • The Township was successful in obtaining a grant of $99,999.00 through the ICIP COVID Stream to construct 600 meters of the multi-use path.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  1. By-Law No. 2021-061 Amend By-Law No. 2021-015 General Fees and Charges
  2. By-Law No. 2021-062 Building By-law
  3. By-law No. 2021-063 Authorize Sale of Land on Hoople 7th Road
  4. By-law No. 2021-064 Authorize the Sale of Land (Lot A on Plan Closed Lepage and Catherine Street)
  5. By-law No. 2021-065 Authorize the Purchase of Parkland

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, September 08, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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