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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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The meeting began with a presentation from OPP Officer Todd Quinlan on crime rates over the past year (Aug 2019-Aug 2020). Some crime rates such as break and enters are down (by 31%) while other crime rates such sexual assaults have slightly increased.

Several Consent Items were approved by Council to be received and filed for information purposes.

Joint Tender Results for Purchase of Half Ton Trucks

  • The total cost for the truck is $42,346 (under budget) for a half ton truck for the Parks and Recreation Department. Council approved the purchase of a truck at the Aug 24, 2020 meeting.

Parks and Recreation Update

  • It was reported that the Long Sault Splash Pad has a mechanical failure. This along with the Ingleside Splash Pad will be closed and repaired.
  • It is recommended to Council that Lakeview Heights have the barriers removed from the park entrance on September 11 to allow people to enjoy the park without the concern that the beach area will be used (due to colder temperatures).
  • The Upper Canada District School Board has made the decision to close their facilities to community use until October 05th.

St. Andrew’s West Sidewalk Update

  • This project will be deferred from September 2020 to 2021 due to a conflicting ditching project also scheduled for the same time. However, in deferring the project, an opportunity developed to have County occur some of the costs in their 2021 Asphalt tender, which will result in saving the Township some costs to complete this project.

Encroachment Agreement – Lot 3, 52M-9, Beech Street, Ingleside

  • Council approved to authorize the Director of Planning to enter into an encroachment agreement with owner of this lot to allow for the construction of a driveway. The cost of this would be at the occupant’s expense.

Creation of a Servicing Allocation Application Process

  • Council approved to direct staff to prepare a service allocation policy for allocation of water and sewer capacity. The wastewater treatment plant is currently at 97% capacity and Council had approved in 2016 to review the options to expand the capacity. A service allocation policy will give the Township the ability to use the remaining capacity on a priority basis until an expansion can be created.

Ingleside Water Tower Rehabilitation Deferral

  • Council approved to defer the Ingleside Water Tower Rehabilitation Project to 2021 and to put the project back up for tender in Spring 2021. This project was deferred due to COVID-19 at the precaution of potential risks to public safety during the pandemic.

Curbside Garbage Collection – Restoration of 2 Bag Limit

  • Council approved to reinstate the 2-bag limit for curbside garbage pickup at residential units that was originally revised due to COVID-19. Should the pandemic present a need to return to a 3-bag limit, it may be reinstated.
  • Since April 2020, there was an increase of 5% in garbage, but a decrease in recycling was also noticed. It is suspected that residents were using the extra bag limit for garbage instead of recycling.

Petition for 4-way Stop at Farran and Maple, Ingleside

  • This petition received 44 signatures. Council approved to receive the petition and to direct staff to investigate the situation and report their findings at a later meeting.

Various Human Resources Policies

  • Council approved to receive the report and adopt the policies. This includes amendments to the Vacation Policy, Bereavement Leave Policy, and other leave of absences policies. The policies were amended in part to make them clearer and more specific.

By-law No. 2020-064

  • Council approved this by-law to allow development of a single detached dwelling located on site 28 and 30 Eleanor Drive, Long Sault.

By-law No.2020-065

  • Council approved this by-law to extend the lease agreement with OPP facilities for the next 5-years at a total cost of $252,526.00 per year as rent to the Township of South Stormont.

By-law No.2020-066

  • Council approved this by-law which will give the Director of Planning and Building the ability to approve 23 Moulinette Road, Long Sault site plan to develop a 2.5 story building by M Emard Properties Inc.
  • Two butternut trees will be cut down to make way for the building, but two new trees will be replanted to replace them.

By-law No. 2020-067

  • Council approved to remove a holding provision on zone 23 Moulinette Road to allow building permits to be issued for the above-mentioned building.

By-law 2020-68

  • Council approved the application for Tile Loan from Daniel and Susan Wert in the amount of $13,500 for the property Lots 15 and 16 in the Township od Osnabruck for special rates for drainage of approximately 14 acres of land.

Council moved into a closed session.

Council returned from the closed session.

By-law 2020-070 Adopt Salary Administration Policy

  • Approved by Council.

Ratification by-law 2020-069

  • Approved by Council.
Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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