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Presentation from Friends of the Summerstown Trails – Vic Leroux

  • The Friends of the Summerstown Trails are requesting that the Township of South Glengarry provide them with assistance to cover extra costs associated with COVID-19 and the potential increase in visitors to the trail. The total amount requested is $26,356.00.
  • Council received the presentation and will vote on it in an meeting in October after staff has had time to review and make a recommendation to council.

 Place St. Laurent Phase 4 Acceptance of Works

  • Council approved the work as completed so far, which means the developer can continue the project.

Energy Efficiency Study RFP 18-2020 Award

  • The Township completed an Energy audit in 2008, which revealed that the top five facilities that consumes the most energy where two Public Works Garages, the Arena, the Township Office, and the Glen Walter Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant due primarily to lighting and HVAC. To save more energy in the future, an RFP was put out for an Energy Efficiency Audit of 28 other municipal buildings.
  • The RFP closed on August 18, with 18 submissions received. It was approved by council to award the RFP to Wood Environmental and Infrastructure Solutions at a cost of $24,270.00 plus HST, who came in at the lowest bid, but also the most favorable based on other criteria.

Surplus Lands Glen Walter Waterfront Part 3 on 14R-6524

  • Council approved to sell this land to Mark Laurin, which will generate $11,761.20 in unbudgeted revenue for the township.

Glen Walter Waterfront Property Part 10 on 14R-6524

  • Council approved to sell this land to Lisa Liboiron, which will generate $44,431.20 in unbudgeted revenue for the township.

Water Wastewater Capacity Allocation

  • Council received a report that outlines the issues with lacking capacity of water and wastewater. There is a plan to upgrade the Glen Walter system to increase the capacity and allow for more growth.

Landfill Compactor

  • The Landfill Compactor has a mechanical failure, resulting in its ceased operation. It would cost a total of $220,000 to rebuild the Power Train. It was also determined that other components will have to be rebuilt soon. The Compactor was expected to be in service until 2021.
  • Due to a lack of contractors who offer these units for sale, the bid for this project was not put out to RFP.
  • Council expressed an interest in getting more information regarding the age and life expectancy of the proposed equipment as well as more general information about the operation of and alternatives to compactors.
  • Council deferred the purchase of a used Landfill Compactor from Marcel Equipment for a total cost of $265,000.00 to a future meeting after more information can be presented to council.

Winter Stone Dust RFQ

  • Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. was the only company able to submit a bid for the supply and placement of winter stone dust.
  • Currently, the township is overbudget on its 2020 budget for winter materials (set at $350,000.00).
  • Council approved to receive the report and to award the supply of winter stone dust to Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd for $11.95 per tonne for the Airport Road Site and $13.95 per tonne for the North Lancaster Patrol Yard.

Water Rates – Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional

  • After research performed by EVB Engineering and Township Administration, it was determined that the industrial, commercial, and institutional clients are paying their fair share of the cost of portable water and sewage treatment, and that it is not necessary to increase their rates.

Grinley Hill Cemetery – Trust fund for Perpetual Care and Maintenance

  • Council approved to decline the right to administer the trust fund for perpetual care and maintenance of the Grinley Hill Cemetery. In doing so, the local committee can open it’s own trust fund to care for and maintain the cemetery.

Municipal Drains – Raisin River Park Property

  • The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is looking to locate a facility on the west side of the Raisin River to install a municipal drain in compliance with the Drainage Act. All engineering and construction costs will be paid by the MTO, and will benefit all users.
  • Council approve to receive the report and to move into an agreement with the MTO to appoint Dillon Consulting for the design of the municipal drain and financing by billing MTO directly.

Accessibility Funding & Modernization

  • An RFP was issued in May 2020 for touchless faucets, mixing valves and urinal flush valves, to improve accessibility and modernization of the Township’s Recreation Facilities, which resulted in no bids. Staff later contacted three companies for bids. Council approved to award the project to Nobel for a total cost of $25,600.00.

Site Plan Control Agreement Approval – 9256-1950 Quebec Inc.

  • Council approved to receive the report and approved the Addendum to the Site Plan control Agreement for the property to allow for a Site Plan Control Agreement to be issued.

Community Improvement Plan

  • It was determined that revisions to the Community Improvement Plan were needed to increase the amount of applications received. After feedback was received from the public and reviewed by council, a few changes were made.
  • Council approved to receive the report and approve the changes to the by-law.

Unfinished Business Listing – September 08, 2020

  • Council received a brief update on several different current projects. Please refer to the document for more information.

Council moved into an in-camera session.

The next regular meeting will be held on September 21, 2020.

Greg Pietersma
Author: Greg Pietersma

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