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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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The Township of South Glengarry Council received a presentation from E=TGM2, approved to enter into an agreement for a LIDAR mapping project, and approved a waste management and recycling pick-up program with Environmental 360 Solutions.

Presentation – Waste to Energy Solutions – Greg Harasym

  • E=TGM2 provides economic processes for solid, liquid and garbage wastes (including garbage and power). They design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain their supply.
  • Their solutions to the issues presented by landfill sites include profit-making methods and elimination of 90-95% of original waste through pyrolysis (decomposing waste inside oxygen, high temperature/pressure environment).
  • The biowaste can be used as a soil additive, for feedstock and feed additive, and as a source in carbon nanotube processing.
  • Please see the Agenda for the presentation slides and more information.  

RFQ 27-2021 – Tree Removal Services

  • In Spring 2021, approximately 200 trees were affected by Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease at the Glen Walter Regional Park and were marked for removal.
  • Council approved to award C&D Landscaping $23,400 (plus HST) for the tree removal.

Update on Township-Owned Lands

  • Council approved to update the list of the surplus land and prepare an amendment to the Sale and Purchase of Property By-law to approve the updated listing.

Utility Installation – Glen Walter Park Road

  • Council approved to reallocate $90,213.21 to pay Grant Marion Construction Ltd $89,257.19 and Corn-Creek Holdings Inc $956.02 for utilities to be installed on four properties on Glen Walter Park Road.

RFQ 26-2021 – Supply of Stone Dust

  • Council approved to award D-Squared Construction for the supply of stone dust for $47,500 plus HST.

Agreement with the RRCA for Lidar Acquisition

  • The Raisin Region Conservation Authority requested Council to participate in a LIDAR Acquisition Floodplain mapping project to produce airborne topographical imaging for land use planning and asset management.
  • Council approved to enter into an agreement with Lidar Acquisition Agreement with the Raisin Region Conservation Authority.

RFP 15-2021 – Waste Management and Recycling Collection Services

  • Council was presented with four options for waste management and recycling collection services for consideration. Administration recommended an option that includes weekly garbage collection, double-stream or single-stream weekly recycling, yard waste collection, and large item pickup.
  • Administration will bring a report to Council at a future meeting to discuss the option of adding Organic Waste pickup.
  • Council approved to award the waste management and recycling collection services contract to Environmental 360 Solutions for the annual cost of $1,091,000.

Reallocation of Bridge Capital to Engineering

  • A bridge inspection report was completed in 2020, which identified 15 structures requiring rehabilitation, seven structures requiring replacement, and eight structures requiring further study.
  • Council approved to reallocate $99,000 from Bridge Captial Funds to Engineering costs for the detailed design assignments for five structures.

Site Plan Control Agreement – Eastern Welding

  • Council approved the Site Plan Control Agreement at 6857 Richmond Road with Eastern Welding for the construction of a large shed located behind their existing structures.

Site Plan Control Agreement – 20653 Old Highway 2

  • Council approved the Site Plan Control Agreement with 20653 Old Highway 2 for a multi-phased industrial development.

Community Schools Alliance Membership

  • Council decided to continue to be a member of the Community Schools Alliance and to pay the 2021-2022 membership invoice of $847.50.

Voting Methods – 2022 Municipal Election

  • Council approved Option 1, which will allow for votes to be placed via the internet, telephone, and in-person at the voter help centre.
  • Administration will present a by-law to Council at the next regular meeting to adopt this option.

Council approved the following under Information Purposes Only:

  • Consent Application B-156-21
  • Consent Application B-157-21
  • Consent Application B-158-21
  • Consent Summary 2021
  • Invitation – Martintown Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Notice – Enbridge Natural Gas
  • Call for Nominations – Good Roads 89 h. Resolution – Long Term Care (Municipality of Leamington)

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting of Council will be Monday, November 15, 2021.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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