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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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The Township of South Glengarry Council received a presentation from Otter Energy, approved a FoodCycle Pilot Program, and approved a tender for Site Works at the Public Works Facility.

Presentation – Green Inclusive Community Building Program (Otter Energy) – Daren Crawford

  • Otter Energy is the largest installer in Canada of solar panels and can secure federal grants that can be used to purchase solar energy panels for the Township’s arena.
  • Excess power can be stored during times of long days (June, July) for future use in months with short days (January, February).
  • Implementing this would result in a $35,000 yearly reduction in costs for the Township. The cost for the project is $503,621, of which 80% is refundable through the federal government. Maintenance costs are expected to be around $5,000 per year, and the panels are expected to last 35 years.

FoodCycler – Household Organic Waste Diversion Program

  • A pilot program with Food Cycle Science for a Food Cycler program will be implemented with the focus on participant feedback.
  • The Pilot Program will cost $120.00 plus HST per participant, for a total of $11,300.
  • Council approved a Municipal Subsidized Purchase of 100 FoodCycler units and the implementation of a FoodCycler Pilot Program in partnership with Food Cycle Science.
  • Residents who would like to participate can express interest via Facebook when the program is ready to launch.

Appointment of a Deputy Chief Building Official and Building Inspector

  • Council approved to appoint Tyler Thorne as a Chief Building Official and a Building Inspector and that Gary Poupart as a Building Inspector.

A.L. MacDonald Grocery Ltd. Zoning By-law Amendment

  • Council approved to rezone 19688 County Road 19 from Hamlet Commercial (C!) and Natural Hazard (NZ) to Hamlet Commercials – Exception Two (C1-2) and Natural Hazard- Exception One (NZ-1) to reduce the Watercourse Setback from the top of bank from 30 meters to 0 meters, to reduce the minimum lot frontage from 40 meters to 27 meters, to increase the maximum lot coverage from 20% to 31%, to reduce the front yard setback from 3 meters to 1 meter, to reduce the exterior side yard setback from 3 meters to 0.4 meters and to recognize all existing buildings and structures as well as the 2 existing parking spaces and 1 loading space as permitted uses

Leger Zoning By-law Amendment

  • Council approved to rezone s 6071 County Road 34, from Residential Two (R2) to Hamlet Commercial (C1)

Rimann Farm Peanut Line Crossing Agreement

  • Council approved to enter into an Agreement with Otto and Rita Rimann 20212 Cedar Grove Road to keep the peanut line free of debris and to add traffic signage to ensure safety.

Regulation of Short Term Rentals

  • Council voted not to develop a Municipal Accommodation Tax for all short-term rentals in South Glengarry.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Policy

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a by-law to adopt a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Policy for the Township of South Glengarry.
  • The policy would include a $120 fine for residents who are found to be in noncompliance. Council expressed that the cost is not ideal, and Administration will return to Council with a revised cost for adoption.

Public Works Facility Site Works Procurement

  • Council approved the Tender from Malyon Excavation for the Site Works at the Airport Road Public Works Facility for $525,000 (plus HST).
  • The Tender includes removal of topsoil, site grading, construction of underground drainage, supply and install of a septic system, construction of the oil and girt separator and stormwater retention basin, and supply of aggregate for the driveways and yard.

Pride Month and Raising of the Pride Flag

  • Council approved that the Pride Flag be raised at the municipal office in Lancaster for the month of June.

Speeding Vehicles – South Lancaster (Lyle Warden)

  • Deputy Mayor Warden brought up the issue of speeding vehicles in South Lancaster and requested Administration to do more to help control the speed limits.
  • Council also requested that the OPP representative be invited to attend Council meetings on a monthly basis to report and comment on this issue and other issues moving forward.
  • Council requested that Administration consider some creative plans to help reduce speeding in this area and others and report back to Council at a later date.

Council approved the following under Information Purposes Only:

  • Fire Training Officer Year One Report
  • New Community Signage and Illustration Poll
  • Consent Application B-55-21
  • Letter – SDG Warden Frank Prevost – Remote Learning
  • Letter – SDG Warden Frank Prevost – Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act
  • Letter – Community Schools Alliance
  • Letter – Gravel Watch
  • Resolution – Tax Relief on CERB Payments (Township of McKellar)
  • Resolution – Domestic COVID-19 Vaccine Production and Capacity (Perth County)
  • Resolution – Capital Gains on Primary Residence (Fort Erie)
  • Resolution – Plans to Reopen Canada-US Border (Fort Erie)
  • Resolution – Bill 228 Banning Unencapsulated Polystyrene Foam (Township of The Archipelago)
  • Resolution – Bill 279 Environmental Protection Amendment Act (Township of The Archipelago)

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting of Council will be Monday, June 21, 2021.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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