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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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The Township of South Glengarry Council approved a Traffic Calming Policy, approved to commit $589,000 towards the Glen Walter Water System initiative, and approved a draft by-law with Cascara Energy.

Structural Engineering Study – Char-Lan Recreation Centre (EVB Engineering)

  • The Char-Lan Recreation Centre has undergone several different assessments over the years to address the condition of the building, HVAC upgrades, roof analysis, green energy upgrades,
  • There is room and availability for the building to expand to allow room for more change rooms, renovations to the community hall, and increased viewing area.
  • To have the existing facility upgraded to meet current codes and standards, an investment of $2,448,500 is required.
  • To expand the building, it could cost between $3.9-6.2M.
  • Council approved to issue an RFP for Engineering Services to evaluate the load capacity of the existing Char-Lan Recreation Centre pre-engineered structure.

Traffic Calming Policy (EVB Engineering)

  • Council approved adopting a Traffic Calming Policy bylaw to implement a systematic approach for the initiation, investigation, and implementation of traffic calming measures and address public concerns (ex: poor sightlines, speeding, and excessive traffic volume on local roads).
  • Some of the calming measures include implementing community safety zones, stop signs, radar speed display signs, lane narrowing, speed bumps, or flexible bollards.

Request for Quotations – Speed Radar Signs

  • Council approved to issue an RFP for the purchase of Radar Speed Signs. This will be a Calming Traffic measure as well as a way to display messages for the Township.

ICIP Green Stream Stage II (EVB Engineering)

  • Through Federal government funding, the Township has access to a grant to help repair the Glen Walter Water Treatment Plant and System.
  • Issues to be rectified include the contruction of an elevated water storage tower, install an adequate number of fire hydrants to meet municipal standards, and upgrade sections of the water distribution system to ensure fire flow quantity and pressure can be supplied throughout the system.
  • The cap for the grant is $5M. The estimated cost of the elevated water storage tower $5.589M.
  • Council approved to commit up to $589,000 towards the project.

FCM Asset Management Plan Program

  • The Council approved to apply for the grant opportunity from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Municipal Asset Program for the South Glengarry Asset Management Plan Development Road, Bridges, Water Infrastructure Assets project and to commit $11,069.40 towards the cost of this initiative.

RFP – Automatic Vehicle Locator Solution

  • Council approved to accept the joint proposal from DiCAN Inc. to provide Automatic Vehicle Locator Services for $16,270. The ongoing annual costs will be $11,820.

RFQ – Fire Bunker Gear Washers

  • Council approved the purchase of two Continental Washer Extractor mode EH020 units for a combined cost of $10,080. Bunker Gear consists of the jacket and pant set that all firefighters wear for structural firefighting. Washing this gear must be done in these Washer units.

Lease Agreement – Storm Internet Communications Tower

  • Council approved to enter into a lease agreement with Storm Internet for the annual sum of $3,000 to the Township for the use of the space and to receive commercial internet free of charge and access to an onsite generator.

Franchise Agreement – Cascara Energy

  • Council approved a draft bylaw (subject to approval by Ontario Energy Board) to authorize the next phase of Cascara Energy’s process to offer alternative natural gas opportunities to the Township.

Zoning By-law Amendment – Grant

  • Council approved to rezone Part of Lot 16, Concession 7 from Agricultural to Agricultural – Exception 30 to reduce the Lot Area from 20 hectares to 6.48 hectares and to prohibit residential construction. No comments were received from the public.

Summary – Kennedy Redwood Estates Survey

  • Administration recommends a 7% increase for 2022 to 2026 and 3% thereafter for water and wastewater services to Kennedy Redwood Estates. A survey was sent to 38 properties to determine which select pay structure would be preferred. The survey results indicated an increase in non-developed lots.
  • Administration will return to Council at a future meeting with a bylaw.

Review of Signage Program Implementation

  • Administration determined that 41 Main Village Signs need to be improved throughout the Township and the cost to do so would cost $51,250 plus HST. Plus, 13 Wayfinding signs for a cost of $11,700 plus HST. The combined cost would be $61,950 (less $17,000 which is already included in the 2021 budget).
  • Administration will put out a call for RFPs for the project and would like to see it completed all at once.

Highway 401 Overpass – Bike Lanes

  • Council approved to support the implementation of bike lanes on the new 401 overpass located in Lancaster.

Council approved the following under Information Purposes Only:

  • Information Report – Municipal Modernization Program
  • Information Report – OPA Employment District Decision
  • Letter – Glengarry Fencibles Trust
  • Letters – High School Bursaries
  • Letter – Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
  • Resolution – Affordable Housing (Woodstock)
  • Resolution – Phasing out Gas Plants (Stratford)
  • Resolution – Support for Bill C6 (Cobourg)
  • Resolution – Truth and Reconciliation (Georgian Bay)

The next regular meeting of Council will be Tuesday, September 07, 2021.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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