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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

The Township of South Glengarry Council received an update from the United Counties of SDG, approved the purchase of three trucks, and appointed Chris Raabe as the Director of Development and Chief Building Official (CBO).

Presentation –  SDG Counties Regional and Capital Works Projects – T.J. Simpson & Ben De Haan

  • The top three expenses for the 2021 Budget is Transportation, Policing, and Health/Social Services.
  • South Glengarry contributes 22.3%  of the overall proportion of tax.
  • The plan includes a Regional Incentive Program, $250K in grant money, a 6 Point Priority Plan, vaccination assistance through the SDG County Library, an education review, and improvements to transportation.
  • Transportation improvements planned for this year include SDG 34 (North of Lancaster), Boundary Road Bridge Repair, and SDG 18.
  • Other improvements include regional waste management, winter maintenance, investments in patrol yards, storm sewers, culverts/bridges,2-way Radios, Planning, and Forestry.

Electronic Signature Policy

  • Council approved to adopt an Electronic Signature Policy that was presented to Council at the last meeting.

Review of Multi-Unit Water Rates

  • Council approved to support the current rate structure and hold the subsequent unit charge at 60%.

Procurement 07-2021 – Purchase of Pickup Truck

  • Council approved to purchase three pickup trucks from Roy’s Pontiac Buick. Two ½ ton trucks for $33,950.00 plus HST and one ¾ truck for $54,250.00 plus HST.

Appointment of Chief Building Official

  • Council approved to appoint Chris Raabe as the Director of Development and Chief Building Official (CBO) for the Township.

Agreement Template – Peanut Line

  • As part of the plan to develop the Peanut Line, Administration recommends that the Township engages in an Agreement with the adjacent property owners. This will better prepare the Township for any additional signage, setbacks, insurance, etc., and define the property owner’s responsibility versus the Township’s.
  • It was noted that it is not the Township’s intention to engage in an Agreement with every property across the Peanut Line, but only with specific case properties.  

Council approved the following under Information Purposes Only:

  • Consent Application B-44-21
  • Notice of Consent Decision
  • Consent Summary 2021
  • EORN Newsletter
  • Resolution – SDG Police Services Board
  • Resolution – Support for 988 Crisis Line (Town of Caledon)
  • Support Resolution – MFIPPA Reform (Township of McNab/Braeside)
  • Building Permit Statistics – First Quarter 2021
  • Letter – SDG Library Request
  • Letter – Butterflyway Project

Resolution – Support for Fire Departments (Township of Hudson)

  • Council approved to support the Township of Hudson in their request to have federal and provincial governments provide funding for the apparatuses, training, equipment and structures for fire departments.

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting of Council will be Monday, May 03, 2021.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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