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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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The Township of South Glengarry Council received a presentation from Greer Galloway Consulting on the Road Needs Study, approved exemptions to allow XL Wood Products to take necessary actions to resume business, and approved an RFP for a Peanut Line Master Plan.

Presentation – Road Needs Study – Greer Galloway Consulting

  • Greer Galloway Consulting reviewed the road conditions concerning identifying substandard horizontal and vertical curves, assessing existing drainage conditions, and identifying surface deficiencies (ex: potholes).
  • In the report, roads are ranked based on traffic volume, existing condition, and rehabilitation cost.
  • The report concluded that high-volume roads are generally in adequate condition with adequate drainage.
  • It was recommended that the Township emphasize drainage and subsurface conditions and review the existing road network annually (in the spring).

2021 Budget and Tax Rebates

  • The Township saw a $290,000 decrease in the net levy requirement and increase in reserve contributions, which is the first decrease since 1999. They are the only municipality to see a decrease in the local area.
  • Council approved to adopt the estimates of all sums required during the year and to adopt the tax rates for 2021.

Ontario Fire Marshal Fire Safety Grant

  • Under the Fire Safety Grant, South Glengarry Fire Services is eligible to receive $7,800 to support staff training or to acquire tools that would assist in virtual occupancy inspections.
  • Council approved the Fire Safety Grant of $7,800 to purchase technology to assist with remote staff training and online learning.  

McCullough Zoning By-Law Amendment

  • Council approved to rezone 18803 County Road 18 from Rural to Rural Exception Fifteen to allow the development of a private school that will be operated as an accessory use either within the existing single detached dwelling or within a detached structure.

XL Wood Products – deferral of Site Plan Control and Exemption of Half Load Restrictions

  • XL Woods suffered a fire and would like to rebuild the property. In order to do this, certain requirements will need to be amended in order to allow for this.
  • Council approved the deferral of the Site Control approval process for XL Wood Products to permit, providing that the Site Plan Control process and agreement are approved by May 01, 2022.
  • Council also approved to direct Administration to prepare a Half Load Exemption Agreement to exempt half load restrictions to permit full load truck traffic for 2021.

Peanut Line Master Plan

  • Council held a Special Meeting on March 30, 2021, where Council had the opportunity to discuss the proposed Peanut Line Master Plan.
  • It is estimated that the completion of the plan will cost $40,000.
  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare an RFP for the development of a Peanut Line Master Plan and to transfer $40,000 from general reserved to the 2021 Recreation and Facilities budget.

Electronic Signature Platform

  • The Administration presented a draft policy to be submitted for adoption at a future Council Meeting.
  • The cost of the platform is $99.92/month for the first year, with an annual fee of $1,599 after the first year.

Resolution – Carbon Tax (Town of Plympton-Wyoming)

  • Council approved to support agriculture businesses to be exempt from current and future carbon taxes and requested more information to be brought to Council on the topic in a future meeting.

Council approved the following under Information Purposes Only:

  • Update – MPAC Assessment Postponed
  • Emergency Management 2020 Program
  • Letter – EORN & EOWC
  • Letter – Ontario Recreation Facilities Association
  • Support Resolutions – Provincial Vaccine Rollout
  • Support Resolutions – Automatic Speed Enforcement
  • Resolution – Youth Resolution – Bill C-21 (Town of Kingsville)
  • Residence Closure (Town of Cochrane)
  • Resolution – Planning Act Imelines (City of Kitchener)
  • Resolution – Reform of Joint and Several Liability (Municipality of Tweed)
  • Resolution – Universal Paid Sick Days (Municipality of Calvin)

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting of Council will be Monday, April 19, 2021.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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