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Here are some notes from the most recent Council meeting:

  • A Review of the Asset Management Plan is still in progress.
  • The Council approved to enter into a Site Plan Agreement with Des Saulniers Construction Ltd.
  • The Council approved to upgrade The South Glengarry Township to make it more accessible to those with disabilities. Council also expressed interest for future upgrades to include e-commerce capabilities and to include an online complaint form.
  • CIPAC Recommendations to Council – Community Improvement Grants was presented to Council for the following:
    • Jacks Pub requesting $8,071.80 to restore front façade, new commercial signage, and landscaping and it was approved by council.
    • Lancaster massage therapy requested $3,554.67 for new siding, soffit, fascia, and garage doors as well as the removal of concrete slab in driveway.

Both projects would increase the curb appeal of the businesses and the Township overall. Total for both is $11,626.47.

  • Council approved the sale of Lancaster Heights Surplus Lot for $22,000.00 to Kelly M. Harding.
  • Council approved the purchase and installation of a metal roof for the Township Office and Jack Danaher Park Community Centre by Grant Marion at a cost of $58,890.00.
  • Council approved the reopening the Char Lan Recreation Centre (which includes putting the ice in the rink) in accordance with the health unit guidelines. Council expressed an interest in having the arena opened as soon as possible for reasons of improving mental health as well as physical health in the community. Date of reopening not currently set.
  • Concern was raised over the conditions that exist in long-term care (LTC) homes, which is resulting in the endangerment of residents. Council passed the motion to urge the municipal government to provide more funding to increase full-time positions in LTC homes, to conduct regular inspections of these LTC homes, and provide sound infection control methods in LTC homes across Ontario.

Council then moved into a closed session. The next regular meeting of council will be on August 04, 2020.

Greg Pietersma
Author: Greg Pietersma

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