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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

SDG Counties Council received a presentation for the Housing Revitalization Plan and St. Lawrence River Institute. They discussed the funding of future projects and received an update from Economic Development and Tourism.

Housing Revitalization Plan – Presentation by Mellissa Morgan

  • As the audio at the previous meeting was not ideal, Mellissa Morgan re-presented the Housing Revitalization Plan for Cornwall and the United Counties of SD&G.
  • This plan will look at the priorities over the next five years and ten years.
  • After several consultations with city and county administrators, service providers, and the public revealed that 741 units are needed in the next ten years to meet demands.
  • The greatest need is for one-bedroom units for seniors or non-seniors.
  • South Dundas is the only municipality that would be considered shovel ready to build new housing.
  • The next steps are to collaborate with all counties to review the identified areas as possible social housing sites.

St. Lawrence River Institute – Christina Collard and Leigh McGaughey

  • The St. Lawrence River Institute gave an update on their current staffing, student programs, community initiatives and research departments.
  • All funding is through donors and sponsorships. The request is for $10,000 from the municipality to continue their work.

Setback at 19652 County Road 19

  • Council approved the setback of the property so the owner can reconstruct a garage.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

  • Council approved to accept a three-year tender for the maintenance of Traffic Signals and Flashing beacons from Jet Electrical Contractors Inc. for the amount of $8,000 for the next three years.

By-Law No. 5268 – Procedural By-Law

  • Council approved this Procedural By-law that will govern the proceedings of the Council.

By-Law No. 5269

  • Council approved this By-law to authorize a contract for Property Assessment Management Services with Harold Bryan.
  • Assessments are the primary source of revenue for many municipalities. Harold Bryan has had a good working relationship with the municipalities in the past, and it is recommended to Council to continue the working relationship.

Morrisburg Court Lease

  • The Court Lease expires on December 31, 2020, and the Municipality of South Dundas has agreed to an extension of the lease agreement.
  • Council approved the extension of the lease agreement.

Two-Way Radio Project

  • Council approved to continue the two-way radio communication systems for Transportation staff. The existing tower will have to be replaced, which will cost $95,000 in the 2021 budget.

50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry County Library

  • The Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Library was established 50 years ago, and there are plans to celebrate this milestone throughout 2021.

Self-Checkout at the SDG Library

  • Two self-checkout systems were purchased due to COVID-19 and funded by the provincial COVID relief funding for $11,800 per system.

Economic Development and Tourism Update

  • Economic Development and Tourism gave an update on current programs and plans for 2021.
  • The Strategy Plan Review was presented to the Council. Efforts will continue towards six key priorities: ongoing advocacy for better broadband, natural gas expansion, etc., build digital tools, grow regional investment, continue regional incentives program, strong SDG brand, attract and invest in small businesses and producers.

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, December 21, 2020.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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