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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

SDG Counties Council received delegations from OPP, The Ronald McDonald House, and the Natural Heritage Study, approved the Rural Education Report, and approved a CIP program for Affordable Housing.

Delegation – Mobile Crisis Response Program, Detachment Commander Marc Hemmerick, Staff Sergeant Malcolm McPherson, PC Jim Blanchette, Angel Quesnel and Ann Zeren, Cornwall Community Hospital

  • The Mobile Crisis Response Program combines Police Service with Mental Health Services to respond to particular calls received by the OPP to improve the quality of care at the initial response and on-site.
  • OPP is working on a funding model that would not make the SDG Counties responsible for funding the program. OPP applied for a $120,000 grant for each of two years that would provide 12hour coverage seven days per week. Furthermore, it would allow OPP to hire a part-time mental health worker to provide case management, interim counselling and ongoing support as needed.

Delegation – Ronald McDonald House Charities Ottawa, Christine Hardy, Chief Executive Officer

  • The Ronald McDonald House Ottawa services the Cornwall and SDG region and has served 228 families in the area. Families are charged $10 per night for a room rental, but this fee is waived if the family cannot afford it.
  • The Ronald McDonald House Ottawa is raising funds to expand its facility by 25,000 square feet and add 22 new bedrooms to the existing 14. Their ask from the United Counties is $250,000 over 5-years.
  • The ask has will be discussed at Budget Deliberations.

Delegation – Natural Heritage Study, Alison McDonald, Team Lead, South Nation Conservation Authority

  • The South Nation Conservation Authority completed a Natural Heritage Study, which is a map of the local woodlands, wetlands, and agricultural lands to reveal the movement of wildlife, biodiversity, and ecosystems. The study was completed in collaboration between the South Nation Conservation Authority (Prescott Russell) and the Raisin River Region Conservation Authority.

Delegation – SDG’s 2021 Bridge Inspections, Harold Kleywegt, Keystone Bridge Management

  • The inspections report revealed that the Counties should spend $6M per year for structures over the next five years to bring bridges and culverts up to good condition.
  • The long-term investment capital is $1.8M per year for structure replacement alone for the next 20 years.
  • Preservation Capital will help defer Structure Replacements by extending the life of bridges.

Improving Rural Education Report

  • To read the executive summary including the proposed solutions and recommendations to the government, click here:
  • Council approved to endorse the report and executive summary “Improving Rural Education in Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry” prepared by Horizon Educational Consultants and set the symposium’s date at the December 08 Budget Meeting with a report for next steps prepared no later than March 31, 2022.

SDG Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

  • Council approved to adopt the SDG Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2021-2026 as presented.

SDG Natural Heritage Study

  • Council approved to amend the Official Plan to include the Natural Heritage Study and approved increasing funding to purchase forested lands in the 2022 draft budget.
  • They also approved to work with other municipalities to encourage recognizing wetlands in zoning by-laws, transfer surplus properties to local Conservation Authorities, and prepare an incentive package for landowners interested in stewardship.

Affordable Housing

  • Council approved to initiate an Affordable Housing Community Improvement Plan, develop a Housing First policy template, and work with the City of Cornwall and local housing providers and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation to improve the data on housing in SDG.

Request to Intake an Official Plan Amendment – Priority Bedrock Area

  • Council approved to initiate an Official Plan Amendment to clarify bedrock resource mapping on the County Official Plan schedules.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  1. Lease Extension Agreement – Catering2Kidz
  2. Speed Limit Updates – Morrisburg and Winchester

Council approved the following under Consent:

  • Monthly Activity Summaries
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • SDG Library Branch Reports
  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Letter re: AMO Conference Delegation
  • CUPE Letter re: OMERS

Project Update – Morrisburg Roundabout

  •  Progress on the site is moving well, with all major construction items near completion. The next steps include final touch-ups, line painting, and demobilization. The work should all be completed by November 19, 2021.
  • Council approved to fill and pave the ditch at Strader Motor Sales as part of the Morrisburg Streetscape Project.

Project Update – CPR Bridge Winchester

  • The work is progressing well and includes repairs to ballast walls, construction of the semi-integral abutment and the reconstruction of at least one of the approach slabs.

2021 Resurfacing Program

  • The Hot mix paving work has been completed. The final price index for the purchase of asphalt cement is to be negotiated with the contractor and presented to council at a future meeting.

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, December 20, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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