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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

SDG Counties Council received a presentation from the Upper Canada District School Board regarding Remote Learning, appointed members to the SDG Regional Incentives Program Approvals Committee, and approved to support the City of Brantford’s resolution regarding the current prohibition on outdoor activities.

Delegations – John McAllister, Chair, Upper Canada District School Board – Remote Learning

  • The purpose of the presentation was to raise concern over the possibility of expanding online/remote learning. Remote Leaning was implemented as a response to COVID-19 but should not replace traditional learning once the pandemic is over.
  • The concern raised is that implementing legislation to make Remote Leaning permanent puts rural schools at risk. There is already an online learning model that has been successfully implemented, which will essentially duplicate this process.
  • Council voted in favour of supporting the UCDSB’s position on permanent Remote Learning.

Additional Entitlements for Covid related Absences

  • Council approved to extend Policy No. 1-36 until December 31, 2021, to provide five additional days of Covid-related leave for all full-time staff between July 01-Dec 01, 2021.

Appointments to the Regional Incentive Program

  • Council approved to appoint Councillors Gardiner, Smith, and Warden and lay-members Margaret MacDonald and Bernadine McEvoy-Robertson to the SDG Regional Incentives Program Approvals Committee.

Alternate Community Emergency Management Coordinator

  • Council approved to appoint Todd Lihou as the alternate Community Emergency Management Coordinator effective immediately.

Alternate Emergency Information Officer

  • Council approved to appoint Tara Kirkpatrick as the alternate Emergency Information Officer (EIO) effective immediately.

OPP Detachment Board Framework Proposal

  • Council approved to endorse the SDG Police Services Board resolution recommending that the composition of the SDG Police Services Board remain unchanged.

County Building Roof Replacement

  • Council approved to accept the tender from Done Right Roofing for the County Building Roof Replacement at their bid price of $72,750.00 (plus HST). This comes in under budget.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  • Commercial Vehicle Request Restrictions
  • Revised Tapping Agreement – Howard Mitchell Forest

Council approved the following items under the consent agenda:

  • Monthly Activity Summaries
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • SDG Library Branch Reports
  • River Institute – Thank you letter
  • Township of South Stormont – Resolution – Vaccine Supply
  • Town of Perth – Letter – Provincial Hospital funding
  • Township of Springwater – Letter – Clean Fuel Standard

Council approved the following under the Key Information Reports:

  • CAO – Education Review Update
  • CORPORATE SERVICES – New Website Launch
    • Council approved to direct Administration to issue a change order to extend the micro-surfacing work north of Winchester Springs and prepare a report on how to pay for this within the 2021 Budget.
    • Council approved to issue a tender for thin lift pavement preservation at the patrol yards.
    • Council approved to direct Administration to issue a tender for the reconstruction of  County Road 18 in Martintown in 2021.
    • Council approved to direct Administration to delete the provisional micro-surfacing work on County Road 18 Martintown.
    • Council approved to direct Administration to report back to Council on a plan for the additional Gas Tax Funds.
  • TRANSPORTATION AND PLANNING – Vegetation Maintenance at Guiderails
  • TRANSPORTATION AND PLANNING – June Tender Meeting on June 07, 2021
  • LIBRARY – Celebrating SDG Library’s 50th Anniversary – Library Board Story Time Series

Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation Amalgamation Report

  • Council approved the proposed amalgamation of the Cornwall and Area Housing Authority and the 12 non-profit and cooperative housing providers under the Ownership and Management of the City of Cornwall.

City of Brantford – Resolution – Prohibition on Golfing & Outdoor Recreation Activities

  • Council approved to support the City of Brantford’s resolution for the reopening of golf and other recreational outdoor activities.

Road Signage

  • Council approved to direct Administration to develop a roadside signage policy to be reviewed by Council at a future meeting.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, June 21, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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