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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

SDG Counties Council received a presentation from MP Eric Duncan, received a presentation regarding their 2020 Financial Statements from MNP, and decided to elect an Interm Warden.

Presentation – Staff Recognition Awards

  • Administration presented the winners for the SDG Counties Staff Recognition Awards.

MP Eric Duncan – Digitization Project

  • MP Eric Duncan gave an update on the Digitization Project.
  • So far, 210,000 pages of past local newspaper publications have been uploaded online as the project continues.
  • MP Duncan also proposed creating a Digitization Reserve Fund to be considered in the Counties’ budget for next year to help complete the project.

Ian Murphy, MNP – DRAFT 2020 Financial Statements

  • The Statements reveal no concerns or issues from the auditors and show a surplus and a healthy amount set aside in the Reserves Fund.

KPMG – Service Delivery Review for Court & Financial Services

  • KPMG was engaged by the United Counties of SDG to undertake a Service Delivery Review of the Counties’ Court and Financial Services to identify opportunities for service efficiency and modernization.
  • The plan includes a reduction in operating costs, ensuring staffing, resources, and structure are maintained, modernize services, increase efficiencies, measure and report progress, identify strategies for improvement, identify opportunities to build internal capacity, improve service, and ensure current staff complements are appropriate.
  • Decisions on the next steps will be presented to Council at a future meeting.

2021 Excluded Expenses

  • Council approved the 2021 Excluded Expenses Report.

Micro Surfacing – Change Order

  • Council approved a change order valued at $72,171.60 (plus HST) to extend the micro-surfacing on SDG 31 an additional 2.1km north on County Road 7.

Moriarty Municipal Drain Box Culvert Replacement

  • Council approved to award the replacement of the Moriarty Municipal Drain Crossing to W.H. MacSweyn Inc. for $176,900.00 (plus HST).

Warden’s House Repairs

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a variety of quotations to complete the repairs to the Warden’s House for a max of $200,000 for all costs.

Council approved the following By-Laws

  • Renewal of Corporate Insurance Policy for a total increase of $23,762 from the 2020-2021 policy (15%) and for a total premium of $182,227.
  • Encroachment Agreement, Civic No 18923 SDG 2
  • Speed Limit Update – Various Roads to revise the prescribed rate of speed for county roads SDG 1 in Hallville, SDG 18 in St. Raphael’s, SDG 18 in Williamsburg, SDG 27 in Summerstown, and SDG 36 Post Road.
  • Cloudpermit Agreement for planning software

Council approved the following under Consent:

  • Monthly Activities Summaries
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • SDG Library Branch Reports
  • United Counties of SDG Letter – Annual  Emergency Management Training Exercise
  • Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry Situation Table – Annual Report
  • Township of South Glengarry Resolution – Unified Bell Times
  • Township of South Glengarry Resolution – Support for Reopening of Outdoor Recreation
  • Township of South Glengarry Resolution – National Three-Digit Crisis Hotline
  • Township of South Stormont Resolution – National Three-Digit Crisis Hotline
  • Municipality of Calvin Resolution – Dead-End Road Busing
  • County of Perth Resolution – Domestic COVID-19 Vaccine Production and Capacity

Corporate Services – Acting Warden Position 2021

  • Council decided to hold an election in order to appoint an Interm Warden for the remainder of the term (December 2021).
  • Council also discussed reviewing the current Policy with all of Council Members in order to make recommendations for changes at the next regular meeting of the SDG Counties.

Transportation Services – Sign By-Law Deferral

  • The draft Sign-By Law was put to the public for comments. Administration will seek legal guidance regarding one of the submitted public comments, and a report with recommendations will be brought back to Council at the next regular meeting.

Transportation Services – Forest Donation

  • Administration is working to acquire a donation of a portion of land from the Gallinger Family. The portion of donated land is adjacent to SDG Forest Compartment No.46 on Edwards Road in South Stormont.

Proclamation of Pride Month

  • Council approved to recognize the month of June as Pride Month.

Request from MP Duncan – Resolution of Support for the Creation of a Three-Digit (9-8-8) National Suicide Hotline

  • Council approved to support the Resolution to create a three-digit (9-8-8) national suicide hotline.

Warden Elections

  • Councillors Armstrong, Byvelds, and McGillis were nominated for the Warden position. Before elections were held, Councillor Byvelds withdrew his nomination.
  • After elections were held, Council voted to elect Councilor Armstrong as the Warden of SDG County Council until a successor is elected at the next term (December 2021).

The next regular meeting will be Monday, July 19, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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