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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

SDG Counties Council approved RIP applications, approved to rehabilitate County Road 8, and approved the purchase of a Two-way Radio System.

County Newspaper Digitization Reserve

  • Council approved to transfer $50,000 from the Working Reserve to the “Digitization Reserve” to be used to complete the digitization of the remaining County newspaper and Lost Villages collections.

Approval of June Intake of Applications for the Regional Incentive Program

  • Council approved the SDG Regional Incentives Program applications for a total of $104,015. These funds will be awarded to Cannamore Orchards, Heritage Health & Spa, Tranquility Acres, Henderson Abbatoir, and Upper Canada Veterinary Services.
Committee Appointments
  • Council approved to ratify and confirm the Committee Appointments of Bryan McGillis to Joint Liaison, David Smith to the Library Board, and Kristen Gardener to EOHU.
Setback for Addition for 4147 County Road 16 Brinston
  • Council approved a setback of 10.1m from the centreline of County Road 16, Briston to facilitate the construction of a portico addition to the front of the building located at 4147 County Road 16.

Briston Storm Sewer Lining

  • Council approved to accept the tender from Clearwater Structures Inc. for storm sewer lining for $75,368.00 plus HST. This was the lowest price submitted.

County Road 8 Rehabilitation

  • Council approved to accept the tender from Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. for the rehabilitation of County Road 8 for $449,680 plus HST. This was the lowest price submitted.
  • Council requested that Administration gather a quote and time expectations from the contractor for possible further rehabilitation of the road and report back to Council.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Refresh

  • Council accepted the joint proposal from DiCAN Inc. to provide Automatic Vehicle Locator Services. The United Counties of SDG will pay $24,600, Township of South Stormont will pay $9,384, Township of North Glengarry will pay $15,600, Township of South Glengarry will pay $11,820, and Municipality of South Dundas will pay $11,244.

Martintown Reconstruction

  • Council approved the tender from Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. For the reconstruction of County Road 18 in Martintown for $634,486 plus HST.

Thin Lift Paving at Patrol Yards and Paving on SDG 18 in St. Andrews

  • Council approved the tender from Coco Paving Inc. for the thin lift paving at the County Patrol yards and hot mix paving on SDG 18 in St. Andrews West for $572,024 plus HST.

Two-Way Radio System

  • Council approved the tender from Ontower Inc. for the demolition and supply of a new two-way radio tower for $198,255.40 plus HST.

Council approved the following By-Laws

  • Alternate EOC Telephone Agreement to enter into an agreement with Bell Canada to provide landline services.
  • Updated Sign By-law to regulate the location, size and operation of signage within and adjacent to the County Right-of-Way (with an amendment to change the end time from 10 pm to 8 pm).
  • Official Plan Amendment No. 7 (South Glengarry)

Council approved the following under Consent:

  • Monthly Activities Summaries
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • Habitat for Humanity, Cornwall & The Counties Thank You Letter
  • Ministry of the Attorney General Letter – Update on Modernization Initiatives and Court Recovery in POA Courts
  • Township of South Glengarry Resolution – Unified Bell Times
  • Municipality of South Dundas Resolution of Support – Permanent Remote Learning

Council approved the following under Key Information

  • CORPORATE SERVICES – Committee of the Whole Meeting
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES – 2022 Budget Meeting Dates
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES – Service Delivery Review – Implementation Plan
  • TRANSPORTATION SERVICES – Additional Gas Tax Funds
  • TRANSPORTATION SERVICES – 2021 Project Updates
  • PLANNING SERVICES – Recent Land Use Planning Legislative and Regulatory Changes

Council moved into a closed session.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, August 23, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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