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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

SDG Counties Council reviewed amendments to the Regional Incentive Program Policy Document, approved a 10-year lease for Maple Tapping in Howard Mitchell Forest, and discussed a plan to renovate the Warden’s House.

Proposed Amendments to the Regional Incentives Program Policy Document and Terms of Reference

  • The changes aim to improve processes, make the document more user-friendly, increase efficiencies, and target private businesses. Overall, the changes will provide more clarity for applicants.
  • The changes are based on the comments and feedback from consultations in late 2020 with Council, Committee members, and staff from local municipalities.
  • The 2021 budget allocated $250,000 to the Regional Incentives Program for 2021 projects.
  • Council provided comments regarding further clarity to the timelines and information required by applicants to improve transparency. Using these comments, Administration will amend the document and bring it back to Council at a future meeting.
  • Council approved the document as amended.

Habitat for Humanity – Donation Request

  • Council approved to donate $1,000 to Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties.

Tangible Capital Asset Policy

  • The proposed revisions to the Policyrecommend an update of the current capitalization thresholds to $50,000.
  • Council approved the revisions to the Tangible Capital Assets Policy as outlined in the report.

Service Delivery Review

  • The purpose of the review is to find efficiencies and cost savings opportunities within the Service Delivery services.
  • Council approved to authorize KPMG LLP to complete the service delivery review for the Financial Services Department for the price of $35,000 plus HST.

Setback 4145 County Road 14 (Korac)

  • Council approved a setback of up to 25.7m at 4145 to facilitate the construction of a detached building.

Setback Municipality of South Dundas – Dutch Meadows Pumping Station

  • Council approved to a setback of up to 23m at the centreline of SDG County Road 2 to facilitate the construction of a pumping station that will service the Dutch Meadows subdivision in Morrisburg.

Support of County Road 34 Alexandria EA

  • At the last meeting, the Council discussed in detail the design alternatives for County Road 34 through Alexandria.
  • The discussion lead to a plan to narrow the lanes to allow space for sidewalks and parking, reconstruction of the road, improvements to existing underground infrastructure and utilities, and streetscaping elements that will improve the downtown.
  • Council approved the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the County Road 34 Alexandria Main Street Project.

Three-Quarter Ton Trucks

  • Council approved the purchase of two three-quarter-ton trucks from Surgenor Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac for the total price of $82,630.00 plus HST.

Loader – Finch

  • Council approved to accept the purchase of one loader at the tendered price of $241,487.00 plus HST. Council also agreed to dispose of SDG’s 2000 Case 621C Loader to offset this purchase either through trade-in ($20,000 value) or by auction.

Storm Sewer Flushing and Camera Inspections

  • Council approved the tender from Aqua Drain Sewer Services Inc. for the Strom Sewer and Flushing and Camera Inspections for the total price of $75,557.65 plus HST.

Micro Surfacing

  • Council approved the joint tender from Miller Paving for micro surfacing totalling $751,802.00 plus HST. The joint project is with South Dundas, which will contribute $318,714.00.

Corrugated Steel Pipes

  • Council approved the joint tender from Atlantic Industries Limited for corrugated steel pipe for a total of $110,209.06 plus HST. The joint project includes contributions from the United Counties of SDG ($60,494.73), City of Cornwall ($9,062.18), South Stormont ($27,342.85), and South Glengarry ($13,309.30).

McPhee Bridge Rehabilitation – SDG 10

  • Council approved to award Dalcon Constructors Ltd. For the comprehensive rehabilitation of the McPhee Bridge for $1,163,000.00 plus HST.

Boundary Road Bridge Repairs

  • Council approved to award DW Building Restoration Services Inc. to repair the Boundary Road Bridge for $134,386.50 plus HST.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  • Maple Tapping Lease – Howard Mitchell Forest (Dalkeith) for 10-years
  • Official Plan Amendment No. 6 – Housekeeping
  • Encroachment Agreement 18757 County Road 2
  • EOC Telephone Agreement with Bell Canada to provide landline services to County Administration building for 3 years.

Council approved the following items under the consent agenda:

  • Monthly Activity Summaries
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • Statement of Remuneration
  • SDG Library Branch Reports
  • Township of South Glengarry – Letter of Support – EORN Gig Project
  • Township of North Stormont – Letter of Support – EORN Gig Project
  • City of Kitchener Resolution – Planning Act Timelines
  • Municipality of Calvin – Resolution – Universal Paid Sick Leave

Council approved the following under the Key Information Reports:

  • TRANSPORTATION AND PLANNING – 2021 Road Tour to be delayed due to COVID-19
  • TRANSPORTATION AND PLANNING – Warden’s House Renovations and Administration Building Roof to shingles with slate design. Council also approved to go to tender to get an idea of the costs to complete the project.

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, May 17, 2021.  

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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