The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Meeting Notes – OCTOBER 18, 2021

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Notes published by Grand Chief Abram Benedict.

• Representatives from Lopii Production provided Council with an overview of their French children’s TV show and requested permission to film in Akwesasne. Council determined due to the limited ability to timely plan and have COVID plans approved the request will be declined.

• Council agreed that they will support the district holiday fundraisers and support a tree/wreath etc.

• A briefing was provided on the ongoing effects to open the Akwesasne Healing Center and the challenges being faced with permit issues for the facility.

• Council agreed that an MCR will be forthcoming on the need to be double vaccinated in order to attend any MCA in-person group meetings and/or participate in functions at any MCA facility.

• An update was provided on the preparation for a shore side clean-up in Kana:takon.

• Council discussed a recent request for Council to consider changing “Thanksgiving” to Indigenous Peoples Day”. After much deliberation Council decided to leave it status quo for the time being.

• A briefing was provided on the plan to have a Council session following the strategic planning session to review and strategize on plan political goals.

• Council discussed the possible impact of economic recovery payments to community support clients and determined that impact payments will not affect the clients.

• A concern with a vacant lot in Kana:takon was discussed. The community member was informed of the research conducted to validate the claim.

• Council set the General Meeting agenda for October 28, 2021.

• A briefing was provided on the upcoming ground-breaking ceremony with Habitat for Humanity.

• Council discussed and determined that in lieu of Holiday Dinners, the community will be provided with Christmas gift cards.

• MCR’s passed: Approval of Community Strategy for Cairn Island; Approval of initiation of amendments to the Akwesasne Election Law; Approval of MOU with AMBE and St. Lawrence College; Approval of MOU with AMBE and Algonquin College; Acceptance of funding agreement with ISC for Jordan’s Principal; Approval of agreement with LMS system for Iohahi:io; Approval of the issuance of Cannabis Retail license; Approval of establishment and allocation of Akwesasne Community Healing Fund; Approval of Finance Committee Chair and Vice-Chair, Approval of amendments (s) to Akwesasne / Canada funding agreement;


• MCRs Passed: Approval of Tsiionkwanonhso:te 40-ton Condenser Replacement, Air Conditioner, Approval of AMBE Tuition Contribution Agreement, Approval of OVS Assignment of Lease-Lot2G-9 Pillon Island, Approval of FIN Accept Audit of Consolidated Audit 2020-21, Approval of Executive Services Limit Hiring to Vaccinated Individuals, Approval of AMBE Allowing Executive Director to sign and accept Indigenous Institutes Mental Health Grant, Approval of Akwesasne Tsiionkwanonsohthe-Iakhihsohtha One Time Funding for Nursing Care ISC, Approval of Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) Amending Agreement 2021-2022.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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