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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

City Council received a presentation from Watson & Associates Economist LTD regarding a water servicing plan for Cornwall received the Economic Development Quarterly Report, and discussed the Residential Rental Licensing Public Consultation.

2020 Water and Wastewater Rate Study – Watson & Associates Economists LTD.

  • The City of Cornwall is required to apply for a license renewal for 2020, which includes the development of a Water Financial Plan. Watson & Associates Economists LTD were contracted to complete a study that would report on the current use of residential water and wastewater and recommend a Water Financial Plan moving forward.
  • The study discussed the implications of adopting an annual charge on existing water customers versus future water rates paid by all water customers.
  • The proposed metered rates will have non-residential users (commercial) contributing 34% of the total revenue versus the current rate of 18% of total revenue. Consequently, some commercial companies will see their water costs almost double.
  • It was revealed that the average residential consumption would lower the costs annually over the next 10 years through metered water structure compared to the current structure.
  • Th next steps are for Watson & Associates Economists LTD to prepare a Water Financial Plan, complete a Water Conservation and Servicing Master Plan (with public consultation) and then report back to Council on final recommendations.

Economic Development – Quarterly Report

  • Council commended the City of Cornwall staff for their ability to mobilize and help small businesses and artisans by extending the outdoor patios in the downtown BIA and the Pop-Up Shop Container program.

Residential Rental Licensing Public Consultation

  • Councilor MacDonald commented that there should be an equal and fair ratio of landlord responses to tenant responses to ensure the survey answers are weighted fairly.
  • There have been several meetings with the Landlord Association and City of Cornwall staff to discuss the concerns about the landlord licensing program. It was commented that although there is an issue around absentee landlords, there are several landlords in Cornwall who are attentive and thoughtful about their properties and tenants.

Housing Revitalization Report

  • Council approved the proposed plan to develop 102 row/townhouse units and 389 mid-ride units in 2021-2026 for $182,371,070.00 and then another 106 mid-rise units from 2027-2031 for $92,618,712. There are many funding opportunities to help pay for these developments.
  • The Social and Housing Services Department will use the recommendations in this plan to develop a strategy for hiring a Project Lead and establish a working group to review the recommendations within the plan.

COVID-19 Update

  • Cornwall paramedic services participated in the pop-up assessment center at Canadian Tire in Ottawa to help with the demand of COVID-19 testing. Cornwall, SDG, Prescott, and Russell continue to be a “cold zone” for the pandemic, which allows us the ability to help alleviate the pressure from other areas, such as Casselman.

The next regular meeting will be held on October 26, 2020.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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