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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

City Council voted on policies for Municipal Naming, Petitions, Town Hall meetings, and a possible Procedural By-law for Proxy Voting, approved funds for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Travelling Bar Screen repairs, approved funding to support small businesses through COVID-19 and confirmed an operation agreement with Big Ben Ski Hill.

Tender 20-T36 Tractor Mounted Backhoe and/or Tractor Mounted Hoe Ram complete with Operator for Various City Departments, 2020-349-Financial Services

  • Council approved a two-year tender 20-T36 be awarded on a roster basis from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2022, where suppliers will be called in order beginning with the lowest hourly rate.

Municipal Naming Policy

  • Council approved the Municipal Naming Policy as presented.
  • The Policy lays out naming, renaming, or dedicating municipal assets such as new streets, parks, facilities, etc.
  • The Policy lays out the criteria that the nominated name needs to represent to be considered for acceptance.

2020 Annual Report on the Municipal Grants Program

  • Council approved the recommended changes to the Municipal Grants Policy.
  • The Municipal Grants Policy provides financial grants and in-kind services to non-profit organizations. In 2020 there were 14 approved grant applications for a total cost of $157,420.
  • A Grant Review Committee will now have the ability to approve applications outside of regular budget discussions.

Development Charges Interest Policy

  • Council approved to charge interest at a rate of Bank of Canada Prime Rate plus 3% compounded annually. Council also approved the Development Charges Interest Policy as presented.
  • This will allow the municipality to make interest on frozen or deferred development charges.

Petitions Policy

  • Council approved the Petitions Policy.
  • Councilor Hebert suggested removing the age limit for participation in petitions. Councilor Towndale believes that no age limit can encourage engagement in younger ages.
  • Councilor Hollingsworth and Grant noted that having no age limit may present a problem of young petitioners not understanding what they are signing for and taking away the seriousness of petitions’ intent. Councilor Bergeron, MacIntosh, Dupelle, Bennett, and Gardiner agree that there should be an age limit set.
  • After hearing Council discuss, Councilor Hebert’s motion changed to amend the Policy from 18 years old to 14 years old. This motion carried.

Town Hall Meetings Policy

  • After a discussion around how Councilors and the public are represented in the Policy, it was decided to defer the Policy until after amendments as well as the following points could be made:
    • 3. e)
    • 5. e)
    • 6. a), c), h), k) and m)
  • Councilor Hollingsworth and Bennett noted that this Policy was approved in a previous agenda through consent items, and it should be tried out before suggestions for change can be recommended.

Proxy Voting – Procedural By-law – Local State of Emergency

  • Council directed Administration to bring a report back to Council to amend the Procedural By-law to include Proxy Voting.

COVID-19 Support Program for Local Small Businesses

  • Council approved to enter into a Conditional Flow-Through Grant agreement with the Business Advisory Centre Durham to provide COVID-19 support and assistance to local small businesses. The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre will be offered $32,000 to administer advisory services to small businesses to pivot and transition their business due to COVID-19.

Repair of Wastewater Treatment Plant Travelling Bar Screen

  • Council approved to receive this report and direct Administration to utilize funds from the Wastewater Works Reserve to repair the travelling bar screen for a total cost of $190,000. There is currently $3,729,979 in reserve.
  • A blockage occurred in the travelling bar screen due to sanitary wipes, which caused spillage into the St. Lawrence River. Municipal Works worked on-site to fix the problem.

Proclamation – Children’s Christmas Fund Week

  • Council approved to proclaim the week of December 13-19, 2020 as “Children’s Christmas Fund Week” in Cornwall and to fly their flag at 340 Pitt Street during that week.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Update 2020

  • Council approved to receive this report.
  • Councilor Bergeron asked if the City is on track to a 10% reduction of energy reduction from 2020-2021, and it was confirmed that 10% (or more) is achievable.

Conservation Authority support

  • The resolution presented to Council requests their support to Conservation Authorities to work alongside the municipality and reduce the red tape around permit acceptance and denials.
  • A new Act submitted by the municipality would allow a developer to have a permit overturned even if the local Conservation Authorities initially denied it.

Council approved the following by-laws:

  • 2020-145 Red Cross Disaster Agreement
  • 2020-148 Agreement with the Business Advisory Centre Durham
  • 2020-146 Committee By-law, with amendments:
    • 1.7 to include Council members and/or community members
    • 2.5 to include a 2/3rds majority
    • 2.8 to separate Mayor and Council in the heading
  • 2020-147 Big Ben Ski Hill Operation Agreement
    • Three year deal with a 2.5% annual increase to the management fee (starting at $33,000)

The next special public meeting will be held on December 07, 2020.

The next regular meeting will be held on December 14, 2020.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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