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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

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City Council received a presentation from Eric Duncan for the digitization of newspapers, discussed the Environment and Climate Change Committee Review of Draft Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Protection Policy, and approved decorative lighting and winter activities in Lamoureux Park.

Presentation — Cornwall Newspaper Digitization Project by Eric Duncan MP

  • Council received a presentation from Eric Duncan representing the Project Committee requesting to partner with Seaway News and the Standard Freeholder to digitize the newspapers and include the cost in the 2021 budget.
  • Once digitized, this asset would belong to the City of Cornwall to own and maintain.
  • Council approved to direct Administration to create a report to bring back to the council for review and approval.

Council received reports on the following policies, and they will be reviewed and discussed at the next regular meeting of council:

  1. Town Hall Meetings Policy
  2. Committees By-law
  3. Petitions Policy

Water Financial Plan

  • Council approved the City of Cornwall Water Financial Plan to guide the next five years of the water system.

Tender of Electrical Services for City Departments

  • Council approved to award Tender 20-T35 to Bergeron Electric for two years from December 01, 2020, to November 30, 2022, with an option to renew.

Environment and Climate Change Committee Review of Draft Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Protection Policy

  • Council approved the Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Protection Policy and directs Administration to prepare a report to address the Environment and Climate Change Committee’s recommendations.
  • The addition of trees to the city will benefit the city, including cleaning the air, creating natural ecosystems, and beautifying the city.
  • Councilor Bergeron and Hebert noted the importance of tackling climate change on a local level, and this initiative is one step towards that goal.

Lamoureux Park Decorative Lighting and Winter Activities

  • The following items were brought to council for adoption:
    • $15,000 towards installing decorative lights on the clocktower for the 2020 Christmas season
    • $5,000 towards a toboggan hill for the 2021 winter season at the splash pad (with straw bails as safety barrier)
    • $25,000 towards insulating the ceiling in the splash pad washroom to allow it to open for the winter 2021 season
    • $15,000 to clear the snow from the lit portions of the walking path for the 2021 winter season
  • The total estimated cost for all projects listed above is $60,000. This cost was not in the 2020 budget, but COVID Relief grants may help pay for it or joint partnerships with local service clubs. If not, the costs will be paid for from the reserves.
  • As expressed in an earlier meeting, the estimated cost to implement a synchronized walking light and music display (similar to what is in Brockville) would cost $200,000 with ongoing annual costs at an estimated $62,500 and an additional $135,00 to upgrade electrical services for a year-round light display. As string lights might be costly to maintain, it is recommended by Administration to install LED Floodlights (similar to what is at the NAV CENTRE) instead for an estimated cost of $42,125.
  • Councilor Bennette and Councilor Bergeron commented that porta-potties might be a less expensive solution to the ceiling fixture. The Floodlights offer a great solution to light up the path.
  • Councilor Hollingsworth moved to accept only options a,b, and d (omitting option c).
  • Councilor Towndale noted that he is in favour of all of the motions above. Councilor MacDonald commented that she, too, would support all options.
  • Councilor Hebert, Councilor MacDonald, and Councilor Dupelle noted that a long term plan is ideal, including winterizing the washrooms and long term lighting solutions.
  • As moved by Councilor Hollingsworth, Council approved to adopt options a,b, and d from the above list.
  • Councillor Hollingsworth motioned to add the following to the 2021 budget deliberations:
    • item c (above) for $25,000, DEFEATED
    • the electrical project for $135,000 CARRIED
    • the installation of LED Floodlights project for $42,125 CARRIED
    • upgrade and phased expansion of lighting in the park project for $250,000 CARRIED
  • Councilor Grant and McIntosh expressed concern over the possibility of the EOHU closing the public washrooms, even after renovations and Administration will follow up with Dr. Paul in that regard.
  • After item c was defeated to be deliberated for the 2021 budget discussion, Councilor MacDonald moved to discuss item c to be completed now. The motion was carried, which means that council approved all items listed above (items a through d).

RFP Terms of Reference for Design and Construction Administration Services for Affordable Housing Complex

  • Council approved this report that provides the terms of reference before the RFP is issued.
  • The estimated cost of the contract is $150,000.

Urban Campground in Guindon Park

  • As part of the new Waterfront Plan, council approved to direct Administration to compile a report for the addition of an urban campground in Guindon Park.
  • Councilor Bennett and Councilor Bergeron commented that this addition would be a significant revenue source for the city and bring tourism to Cornwall.

Advocacy Letter to Premier Ford – Targeted Approach

  • Council approved to advocate the Ford Administration for a targeted approach that is data-driven and backed by evidence to maintain support for public health guidelines.
  • Councillor Bennette, Grant and Dupelle noted that it is crucial to get the data, especially to the businesses, to be appropriately informed about why decisions are made around closures and restrictions due to the pandemic.

The next regular meeting will be held on November 23, 2020.

Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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