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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

City Council received a presentation on the Co-digestion Feasibility Study, approved Draft Plans for subdivisions in Northwoods Forest and Baldwin Avenue, and reviewed a report from Administration regarding a Ward System.

Presentation – Co-Digestion Feasibility Study Final Report and Next Steps

  • The project started with assessing the existing Wastewater Plant capacity and performance and devising a plan that would leverage the existing infrastructure.
  • The plan considers the revenue and savings of energy, water, and biosolids and nutrients—the project’s goal to produce renewable natural gas from organic household waste.
  • Council was presented with three scenarios that will help the Wastewater treatment plant achieve Net Zero energy and zero-carbon.
  • The next steps are to enter into MOU with OCWA to continue developing business case and design and engineering for a co-digester and apply for federal funding.
  • More information will be brought back to Council that will include a Financial Plan for the next steps.

Council approved the following under the Consent Items:

  • Proclamation – Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism
  • Proclamation – Do Something Good for Your Neighbour Day
  • Proclamation – Personal Support Worker Day
  • Northwoods Forest Subdivision – Phases 3-10
  • Baldwin Avenue Subdivision
  • First Quarter Non-Competitive Procurement Report
  • Tender 21-T01 Nick Kaneb Drive Extension
  • Tender 21-T14 Various Culverts and Sewer Replacements

Resolution 2021-08 Northwoods Forest Subdivision – Phases 3-10

  • Council approved the Draft Plan prepared by Kirk L. Stidwill O.L.S. on behalf of KEM Development Inc. to subdivide Part of Lot 8 and Part of the east half of Lot 9, Concession 3.

Resolution 2021-09 Baldwin Avenue Subdivision

  • Council approved the Draft Plan of Subdivision by Kirk L. Stidwill O.L.S. submitted on behalf of J.F. Markell Homes to subdivide Part of Lot 7 Concession 1.

Electoral System Review

  • The Administration prepared a report to review the findings from other municipalities regarding a ward system.
  • It was noted that Cornwall is of a unique size compared to other municipalities, making direct comparisons difficult. Furthermore, Cornwall delivers about twice as many services as neighbouring cities. Cities of comparable size did not respond to provide feedback or comments.
  • The Administration is considering doing a virtual Town Hall to get the public’s feedback. There may be some challenges with hosting a virtual Town Hall. There may be an option to host the Town Hall outside in the summer.

Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation Amalgamation

  • Council approved the complete amalgamation of Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation with the City of Cornwall (as Service Manager).

2020 Fourth Quarter Financial Overview – Preliminary Report

  • Council approved:
  • (a) That $ 48,427 be transferred to the Working Reserve.
  • (b) That $ 265,000 be transferred to the Municipal Buildings Reserve.
  • (c) That $ 313,396 be transferred to the Water Works Reserve.
  • (d) That $ 228,633 be transferred to the Wastewater Works Reserve.
  • These funds are surpluses due to unexpected federal funding throughout 2020.
  • The City also had $2,592,765 of funds to support departments that experienced revenue losses due to COVID-19.
  • The full breakdown of the 2020 Year End Report can be found on pages 200-206 of the Agenda.

Municipal Works Yard Redevelopment Quarterly Report

  • Council received the report.

Silver Bicycle Friendly Community Award

  • Council approved to receive the report.

RFP Terms of Reference for Electronic Document and Records Management System Implementation

  • Council received the report.

Rainbow Crosswalk in Celebration of Pride Week

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a report that outlines the feasibility, cost, potential crosswalks, or alternative locations required to support Diversity Cornwall in celebrating Pride week by painting a rainbow crosswalk in a prominent location in Cornwall.  

Beach Volleyball Courts in Lamoureux Park

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a report on the feasibility of building beach volleyball courts in Lamoureux Park.

Use of Surveillance Cameras on Private Property

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a report to create a By-Law for Council’s review to protect residents’ rights from the improper use of surveillance equipment and infringing on a neighbour’s right to privacy in their own homes on their own property.

Council approved the following By-Laws:

  • By-law 2021-046 Northwoods Forest Draft Plan of Subdivision – Phases 3-10
  • Bylaw 2021-047 Dedicate Block 49, M-39 and Block 19, M-47 as Public highway
  • By-law 2021-048 Transfer Payment Agreement with the minister of Long-Term Care and Glen Stor Dun Lodge

The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Council received the following Unfinished Business Listing for May 10, 2021:

Residential Rental Licensing Public Consultation Results – November 13, 2018 – June 8, 2020 – October 13, 2020 – April 26, 2021Corporate ServicesMay 10, 2021
Electoral System Review – Comparison to Other Municipalities- November 25, 2019- January 13, 2020September 28, 2020Fire Services, Social Services and Planning, Development and RecreationMay 25, 2021
Urban Campground in Guindon Park – November 9, 2020Planning, Development and RecreationMay 25, 2021
Petition for Crosswalk on Second Street West Riverdale Terrace- February 24, 2020- January 22, 2021Infrastructure and Municipal WorkSpring 2021
Urban Agriculture and Outdoor Gardening – COVID-19 – May 11, 2020 – June 22, 2020 – April 26, 2021Planning, Development and RecreationZoning By-law
Electoral System Review – Public Consultation – November 25, 2019 – January 13, 2020 – September 28, 2020Town HallTBD
Creation of Remote Worker Attraction Strategy January 10, 2020Working GroupTBD
Newspaper Digitization Project – November 9, 2020CAOTBD
Parking During Pandemic and Parking Program Working Group Recommendations – May 11, 2020 – June 8, 2020 – September 13, 2020 – January 11, 2020 – January 25, 2021Parking Program Working GroupTBD
Actionable Items from Environment and Climate Change Committee – October 26, 2020Infrastructure and Municipal WorksTBD
Domtar Properties – February 22, 2021CAOTBD
CIL Property – February 22, 2021CAOTBD
Corner of Second and Pitt Streets Property – February 22, 2021CAOTBD
Social Media Policy – March 22, 2021Council Working GroupTBD
Remediation of Gas Stations Upon Closing – April 12, 2021Infrastructure and Municipal Works and Planning, Development and RecreationTBD
Grading By-law – April 26, 2021Planning, Development and RecreationTBD
Shannon Tierney
Author: Shannon Tierney

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