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Full Agenda and supporting documents:

Re-watch the meeting:

City Council received a delegation from the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network (EOAN), an update from Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU)’s Dr. Paul regarding a vaccine rollout plan for Cornwall, and discussed parking for the Downtown BIA and Le Village BIA.

Delegation by Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network (EOAN) by Tom Manley:

  • The EOAN is requesting $35,000 of funding to help continue operations. Their goal is to bring together local farmers, food processors, and consumers. While large scale agriculture is federally funded, local and small scale farms are not funded or supported as well.
  • It was noted by Councilor Hollingsworth and Towndale that there should be a more balanced funding request between SDG and Cornwall (EOAN is requesting $25,000 from SDG).
  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a report for the requested $35,000 of funding to the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network to be available to Council at the upcoming budget meeting.

Council approved the following Consent Items:

  1. HOTC 117 Montreal, 113 ½ Pitt, 12 Second Street West. Each property was awarded funding for Building Restoration & Improvements for the total combined amount of $101,550.00.
  2. RFP 20-P17 Electronic Patient Care. RFP 20-P17 was awarded to Prehos Incorporated, from Quebec, for $376,137.45 for a five-year term.

Petition for Cross Walk on Second Street West

  • Council directed Administration to undertake the necessary data collection and analysis in the Spring of 2021.

Delegation by Dr. Paul Roumeliotis:

  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) has reported a continued increase in COVID-19 cases. Most cases are coming from close contact transmission (household, workplace, or visiting friends).
  • Cases are increasing in school-age children, and that brought on the decision to close the schools.
  • Vaccine Distribution Plan includes three Phases: High-risk Population vaccinations, Mass deliveries of vaccines, and steady-state. Vaccines should be delivered to Cornwall tomorrow with the plan to vaccinate the long-term care facilities first and retirement homes afterwards, with a targeted completion date of February 15, 2021.
  • By March or April 2021, Dr. Paul is optimistic that the high-risk populations will be vaccinated, and vaccines should be available to the mass population.
  • Dr. Paul confirmed that he strongly recommended that big-box stores not be allowed to sell non-essential items in-store. Furthermore, he suggested that there should only be one person per household to do in-store shopping.

Business Parking

  • Councilors Towndale and MacDonald commented that the 2-hour free parking should be extended to increase business in the downtown.
  • Councilor Hollingsworth noted that there would not be any revenue generated from parking due to the Provincial Shutdown.
  • Council approved to continue with the status quo arrangement for parking in the Downtown and Le Village for the period of the Provincial Shutdown.(6 weeks)
  • Councilor Bennett motioned additionally for a Working Group to devise a permanent solution for a downtown parking solution.  Council voted in favour of this motion (Councilor Hollingsworth and Councilor Hebert voted against this motion).

Belfort Estates Subdivision Phase 2

  • Councilor Hollingsworth and Councilor Bergeron raised concerns over the land’s quality and safety due to the soil’s possible contaminants.
  • Councilor MacDonald and Councilor Grant noted that the developer is obligated to halt development if anything is found in the soil. Therefore, the project should move forward.
  • Council approved Phase 2 of the Draft Plan of the Subdivision and the application to rezone the lands from Manufacturing 20 with a Hold to Residential 20 with Exceptions.

Petition – Traffic on Riverdale Avenue

  • Council directed Administration to create a report regarding the traffic on Riverdale Avenue.
  • The CAO suggested that all items and petitions concerning Riverdale be combined and presented to Council together in a regular meeting in February 2021.

RFP20-P20 Design and Construction Administration Services for Affordable Housing.

  • RFP 20-P20 was awarded to IBI Group Architects, from Kingston Ontario, for $611,844.21.
  • Councilor MacDonald reiterated that she would like to see balconies included in the designs.

Vacant Properties Tax

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a report on the feasibility of implementing a Vacant Properties Tax.

Donation of Locomotive 17

  • Council approved to direct Administration to prepare a report on how the City acquired Locomotive 17 and summary of its care, the Railway Museum’s willingness to accept Locomotive 17, and the cost of transporting Locomotive 17 to Smith Falls Museum for refurbishment.

Pandemic Lockdown

  • Council approved to request the EOHU and the Province of Ontario to enforce businesses that are allowed to open for in-store purchases, only be allowed to sell goods or services deemed essential to in-store customers.

Detailed COVID-19 Reports

  • Council approved to request the EOHU to release data on cases by industry sector such as retail stores, restaurants, fitness centre, recreational facilities, barbers and hair salons, small businesses, schools, health care, distribution centres and manufacturing, public sector, grocery stores among others.

The following Bylaws were approved:

  1. By-law 2021-001 Rezoning Belfort Estates Subdivision – Phase 2, 2021-07-Planning, Development and Recreation, 2021-13- Planning, Development and Recreation
  2. By-law 2021-002 Land Transfer 550 Ninth Street East, 2021-01- Social and Housing Services, 2021-03-Social and Housing Services
  3. By-law 2021-003 Use of Revolving Funds, 2021-02-Social and Housing Services, 2021-04-Social and Housing Services
  4. By-law 2021-004 Amendment World Junior A Hockey Challenge Hosting Agreement, 2021-15-Planning, Development and 142 Recreation, 2021-16-Planning, Development and Recreation
  5. By-law 2021-005 Transfer Payment Agreement – Municipal Transit Enhanced Cleaning, 2021-01-Infrastructure and Municipal Works, 2021-02-Infrastructure and Municipal Works
  6. By-law 2021-006 Appointment of Members of Council to Various Boards (Cornwall Community Woodhouse Museum Board), 2021- 06-Corporate Services
  7. By-law 2021-007 HOTC 117 Montreal 113 ½ Pitt 12 Second Street West Program 2, 2021-09-Planning, Development and Recreation, 2021-10-Planning, Development and Recreation

Council received the following Unfinished Business Listing for January 2021:

Petition for Crosswalk on Second Street West (Riverdale Terrace) (Feb 24/20)Infrastructure and Municipal WorksJan 11/21
Parking Program (May 11/20) (Jun 8/20) (Sep 14/20)Planning, Development and RecreationJan 11/21
Proxy Voting (Nov 23/20)Corporate Services – Clerk’s DivisionJan 25/21
Outdoor Gardening – COVID-19 (May 11/20) (Jun 22/20)Planning, Development and RecreationWinter 2021
Urban Campground in Guindon Park (Nov 9/20)Planning, Development and RecreationApril 2021
Creation of Remote Worker Attraction Strategy (Jan 10/20)Planning, Development and RecreationTBD
Residential Rental Licensing Public Consultation and Survey Results (Nov 13/18) (Jun 8/20) (Oct 13/20)Fire Services, Social Services and Planning, Development and RecreationTBD
Electoral System Review – Comparison to Other Municipalities (Nov 25/19) (Jan 13/20) (Sep 28/20)Infrastructure and Municipal WorksJan 11/21
Electoral System Review – Public Consultation (Nov 25/19) (Jan 13/20) (Sep 28/20)Corporate Services – Clerk’s DivisionTown Hall
Newspaper Digitization Project (Nov 9/20)TBD
Petition for Crosswalk on Second Street West (Riverdale Terrace) (Feb 24/20)Infrastructure and Municipal WorksJan 11/21
Locomotive Stabilization Initiative (Dec 14/20)Financial ServicesBudget Deliberations
Benson Centre Laser Ice Leveler (Dec 14/20)Financial ServicesBudget Deliberations
Cost Analysis for Cornwall’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Dec 14/20)Infrastructure and Municipal WorksTBD

The next regular meeting will be held on January 25, 2021.

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