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  • Special congratulations were given to Annika Setterington, Nicholas Oeggerli, and Nicholas Guindon for winning the Ontario Winter Legacy Award for 2020.
  • CPPEG grants approved by Council to the following:
    • Rothmar Holding Inc at 163-167 Pitt Street
    • 9551921 Canada Inc at 110-110A Sydney Street
    • Rothmar Holdings Inc at 33 First Street East
    • Rothmar Holdings Inc at 100-106 Pitt Street
    • 648441 Ontario Ltd at Tenth Street East
  • Much discussion took place regarding the by-law to regulate open-air burning and to repeal by-law #2014-063, 2020-310-Corporate Services.
    • Councilor Bennett described the proposed by-law as a compromise instead of a perfect solution. He stated that this by-law will give the Fire Department more control over the regulation of fires as opposed to leaning on municipal legislation, which can be costly and time-consuming.
    • Councilor Grant believes that people who do not enjoy fires will be affected by neighboring fires and will not be able to enjoy their yards. By defeating this by-law a new one can be put forward that would give the Fire Department more control.
    • Councilor Dupelle argued that health and safety are a concern and everyone should have access to clean air to breathe. The acting Fire Chief confirmed that this by-law would require that all fires be 7.5meters away from a structure and based on the size lots in Cornwall, this would mean that only 27% (4,096 residential properties) of houses in Cornwall will have the correct lot size.  
    • Councilor MacDonald does not believe that this by-law is a compromise. Instead, she argued that allowing open-air burning hinders the basic right to breathe and Cornwall is too dense of a community to have fires that will not impact other properties.
    • Councilor Bergeron noted that the allowance of open-air fires is an enforcement issue and this by-law would provide regulation for that enforcement.  
    • Councilor Gardiner agreed that this by-law will give the Fire Chief the ability to regulate fires in the City.
    • Councilor McIntosh expressed concern for the vulnerable people in our community with respiratory problems who could be negatively affected by smoke from fires.
    • Councilor Hebert commented that this by-law would provide a comprise for both sides of the argument.
    • Mayor Clement remarked that the City of Cornwall has gone too long without a by-law and one is needed. This by-law would offer a compromise.
    • Councilor Bennett concluded by stating that if the rules in this by-law are followed, there will be minimal smoke as the size, materials, and conditions of the fire will be regulated. Under this by-law, residents can submit a complaint, and the Fire Department would have effective regulations for enforcement.
    • Council Votes:
      • Councilor McIntosh – against
      • Councilor Gardiner – in favour
      • Councilor Herbet – in favour
      • Councilor Dupelle– against
      • Councilor Grant – against
      • Councilor Bennett – in favour
      • Councilor Bergeron – in favour
      • Mayor Clement – in favour
      • Councilor MacDonald – against

The motion carried and proposed by-law was passed.

  • Councilor Bergeron identified a recommendation to cancel a previously approved capital project and requested that this item be removed from consent and discussed in a future meeting. This was made in a motion and was passed.
  • Council approved the purchase of One Submersible Dry Pit Pump for the Waste Water Treatment Plant for $157,826.75.
  • Council approved the procurement of Defibrillators for Paramedic Services for a total of $336,631.52.
  • Council approved the procurement of Post-Top Decorative LED lighting for a total of $448,410.04.
  • Council discussed the incident at 510 Second Street East where Cornwall District Heating disconnected the heating and hot water services to the building. Under the Vital Services by-law, the City was able to order Cornwall District Heating to temporarily reconnect the services until August 17, 2020.
  • Councilor Hebert motioned for Council to receive a report regarding the 6-bag limit waste system and to receive recommendations on how to move forward to be presented to Council by the end of September.

The next regular meeting will be held on September 14, 2020. 

Greg Pietersma
Author: Greg Pietersma

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