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COVID-19 Education and Enforcement Campaign:

We have important information to share with you regarding COVID-19 Education and Enforcement Campaign taking place this week.

The Province has put together a campaign to educate businesses on operating safely during COVID-19 and will be inspecting businesses in the Eastern Ontario region from Dec 03 to 05, 2020.
This multi-ministry-lead campaign aims to promote COVID-19 health and safety requirements as laid out by the Reopening Ontario Act.( While their purpose is to provide guidance, please note that officers can exercise enforcement for non-compliance as they see fit.
So what does that mean for you and your business? We have a call scheduled with Dr. Paul tomorrow to get more information on how inspections will be conducted and if they will be planned or spontaneous. Until then, here is how you can prepare:
1. Ensure employees are using screening sheets/questionnaires and records are up-to-date.
2. Make sure you have completed your safety plan,( and it is accessible to employees. Inspectors will be reviewing these.
3. Ensure employees understand and practice social distancing, mask-wearing, and proper hand-washing rules while working and while on break.
We don’t know how businesses will be selected for inspections, so please make sure you are prepared. If your business does get chosen for an assessment, please share your experience with us.

Greg Pietersma
Author: Greg Pietersma

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