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The PandaPay Difference

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The PandaPay mission will always be to provide merchants with dedicated ongoing personalized care for their payment processing and business needs. Through education, world-class service and support we’re leaving more profits where they belong, in the hands of business owners.


We believe that by educating our merchants and offering them clear simple quotes and savings, we build trust in our team, our company and our services.


We show business owners how to retain more of their profits by understanding their needs, providing education as well as one-on-one personalized service and support


We pride in empowering our clients and delivering results. Fairness and integrity is the bedrock of our service.

The Pandapay Difference

The payment processing industry is a crowded one. Due to a lack of regulation, many providers promote questionable incentive-based sales tactics to attract new business while hiding the real costs within a transaction.
PandaPay is the alternative… We keep it simple and straightforward.

  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Complete Rate analysis
  • Transparent program
  • No hidden fees
  • Fully bilingual service
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Loyalty programs
  • Education of the industry

(613) 263-6161

Matt Papineau

Matt Papineau


My name is Matt, I’m a 26 year old athlete turned entrepreneur from a small town named Embrun. I have been in business since the age of 16 and have been studying entrepreneurship and leadership ever since. In 2018, I made a big career change as I left my career in the fitness industry (Boxing & Weight loss coaching) and decided to partner with PandaPay in order to help my local business community by offering them a variety of financial programs that help reduce costs and increase profitability.

Greg Pietersma
Author: Greg Pietersma

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