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Join us for a FREE virtual employer workshop!
There is no question that increased worker stability boosts productivity, retention, and morale, which leads to greater profitability but it may yet be a challenge you need to address. Why would an employer want to increase the personal and professional stability of workers? And how exactly can businesses go about it? It starts with seeing things differently. Instability is another measure of diversity in your workforce. Low wage workers can experience personal instability that leads to absenteeism, health problems, and violations of workplace expectations, all of which decreases morale, attention to work, and job performance

You’ll learn to:
•Recognize the range of factors that create instability for employees
•See how instability, employee performance and profitability are related
•Identify the most effective techniques and tactics for increasing workplace stability
•Create an action plan best suited to your business and its culture and employees

This one day workshop is delivered by Certified Workplace Stability Trainers

Register and receive a $10 gift card for breakfast and $25 gift card for lunch your choice of restaurant!

2 VIRTUAL sessions:
January 21 st (9am 3pm)
February 18 th (9am 3pm)

For more information contact:
Job Zone d’emploi
Jordan Amelotte, Employer Liaison
Phone: 613 933 9675 Ext. 314

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