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Interview with Lesley Thompson of ACCFutures

More information on ACCFutures By Tana Allers What is ACCFutures ? The ACCFutures formerly known as Community Futures Development Corporation of Cornwall & the Counties helps to support the needs of the local and rural community. For 34 years we have been an...

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Interview with Jean Charlebois of McDougall Insurance

Interested in talking to McDougall Insurance about your insurance needs? How long have you been in the insurance industry?I have around 12 years' experience in Insurance. What is your favourite part of being in the insurance industry?It is never boring and always...

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Interview with Andrew Seguin on Bookkeeping

More information about Seguin Finacial By Tana Allers What is the scope of your bookkeeping work? We work mainly with small to medium enterprises in the Cornwall-Akwesasne-SDG area, however, we now serve clients right across Canada. We try to make the client's life...

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Women in Business

Being a woman starting a business has never been easier, however, there is still a long way to go in terms of bridging the divide between the number of successful male and female-led start-ups. From having trouble securing funding, obtaining childcare, or just being...

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Marketing Essentials

Making sure your business is seen by the people that want to use it is essential. Once you have your target market, how are you going to make sure that you have reached them effectively? Advertising takes many forms. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the...

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Building A Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence can help your company be identified by your customers and push your brand into their awareness. Companies that try to reach out to their customers through social media are using an inexpensive method of advertising. Making sure your...

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Technology in Business

It is undeniable that technology plays a large part in the day-to-day operation of any business these days- large or small. Technology can make things much simpler, smoothing out your operation and helping to make sure you serve your customers to the fullest of your...

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Learning Never Ends

Every great businessperson knows that learning is a life-long journey. You might need to become familiar with new technology, or just want to brush up on your existing skills. There are many options right here in Cornwall, SD & G, and Akwesasne to help you reach...

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The Value of Mentorship

Working at building a start-up or small business is hard emotionally and mentally. The long hours and the uncertainty can combine to cause intense stress. Remember to take time for your health. Having a mentor to help guide you through the process of starting a...

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