Mystery Shopper Program

The Mystery Shopper Program is and benefit provided by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as a benefit to members of their local Chamber.

What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping is a form of market research. Posing as a typical customer, the mystery shopper observes service quality in an establishment.

What’s in it for me?
As a business manager, you know the importance of customer retention. Competitors attempt to erode your existing customer base through advertisements, promotions or product enhancements, which in turn raise expectations for new customers. Although a shopper’s life will not come to a grinding halt if their expectations aren’t precisely met, little things do influence his or her overall shopping experience.

The role of the mystery shopper is to identify gaps that the customer might not voice – whereas the actual customer might simply decide to shop elsewhere.

For a fraction of the cost of setting of your own, this Mystery Shopper Program will provide you with a comprehensive report on the performance of your establishment.

By identifying gaps in service and ways to implement and improve best practices, your organization can take steps to enhance customer satisfaction.

Given that large chains already have their own programs, our target demographic consists of independent retailers, restaurateurs and hoteliers. However, even for chain outlets, participation by local branches provides managers with a fresh set of eyes to better their performance.

How do we get started?
Participation in the Mystery Shopper Program is open to retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and other service providers who are a member of a local Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade, Distribution Canada or one of our other channel partners.

For more information:
Call Jim Davidson at 1.877.447.5189 or 416.447.7219

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