2020 Business Excellence Awards & Citizen of the Year Banquet


We are thrilled to announce this year deserving nominees for 2020 Awards!

Join us on February 22nd at 6pm in the Salons of the Cornwall Civic Complex to honour these amazing individuals and businesses.



The Business Excellence Awards recognizes and celebrates firms and individuals who have distinguished themselves by fostering growth, innovation, community service and excellence in their sectors. It is important to note that they are selected by their peers as a tribute to their collective achievements.

Awards Categories

Business of the Year


This year’s nominees are:

  • Medical Arts Pharmacy
  • Ramada by Wyndham
  • Cornwall Nissan


Cornwall boasts a number of area businesses and industries with some of them enjoying global recognition and respect for excellence in both products and services. Typically employing 50 people or more, these firms play a leading role in solidly positioning the city in the marketplace.

These firms provide employment, stability and enhanced quality of life for many Cornwall and area residents. This category is described, in general terms, as a firm that has been in operation for a minimum of three years. Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • Significant increase in revenue
  • Addition of new technology
  • Progressive human resource policies
  • New or expanded facilities
  • Environmental commitment
  • Increased workforce
  • Demonstrated training culture
  • Innovative marketing strategy or, new market development
  • Community involvement

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Small Business of the Year


This year’s nominees are:

  • Prestige Catering
  • Simply Jennifer Coffee & Eats
  • Glengarry Fine Cheese


Nine out of ten enterprises in Canada are classified as small businesses making them the mainstay of the Canadian economy. A vast majority fall into this category of stalwart business professionals. The award is a tribute to a business organization of typically less than 50 employees that has operated in the Cornwall area for at least three years. Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • Increased workforce
  • Business growth
  • Unique marketing strategy and demonstrated success
  • Significant sales growth
  • Environmental commitment
  • Community involvement
  • Business expansion

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TD Canada Trust | Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce

Entrepreneur of the Year


This year’s nominees are:

  • The Local Fill
  • Comedy Festival
  • Fairy Sweet


Without imagination and a willingness to take risks, many innovative products and services in today’s marketplace would not exist. The entrepreneur takes a vision and turns it into a profitable reality. This award recognizes someone from the community who exemplifies these qualities.

General criteria center on an enterprise no more than three years old or, one that has undergone a significant shift in focus within that period of time. Specific criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • Demonstrated leadership, daring and creativity
  • Steady revenue growth
  • An innovative idea
  • Demonstrated personal and financial commitment
  • Newly secured market share
  • Unique marketing concept
  • Community involvement

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Tourism Excellence Award


This year’s nominees are:

  • Bob Izumi Pan American Bass Championship
  • Cornwall Motor Speedway
  • Beer Bourbon BBQ & Blues Festival


Sponsored by Cornwall  Tourism, the winner of the Tourism Excellence award will have a demonstrated history of service excellence over the past year through increasing awareness of Cornwall as a viable tourist destination.
The award will recognize a for-profit business that has demonstrated excellence in the tourism sector will have showcased the local tourism sector, and has played a vital role in the growth of the tourism industry in the region.

Examples of potential nominations include restaurants, hotels/motels, wineries, micro-breweries, attractions, golf courses. Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • Excellence in front line service to visitors
  • Results in increased tourism traffic to region
  • Partnership development
  • Community involvement

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 Young Professionals Award


This year’s nominees are:

  • Love & Lee
  • At Move Therapeutics Physiotherapy
  • Cotton Mill Rehab


The Cornwall area is experiencing a growing number of young professionals and entrepreneurs. The cohort represents the next generation of business professional who will play an important role in Cornwall’s growth and prosperity.

The Chamber is recognizing these young and talented individuals with a new award, to be presented during its 2018 Business Excellence Awards. The criteria for the award are as follows and candidates from both for and non-profit organizations are eligible.

  • The candidate will be under the age of 35
  • Part of the area business community for a minimum of two years
  • If candidate has established an independent business, demonstrates overall growth
  • If part of an organization, stands out for outstanding contribution
  • Active community contribution
  • A positive role model for other young professionals

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Economic Impact Award


This year’s nominees are:

  • SigmaPoint Technologies Inc.
  • Minimax Express Transportation
  • Leclerc Group


The Economic Impact Award recognizes an extraordinary investment in the community that has a significant positive impact on the economy of the City of Cornwall and surrounding regions.  Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • The investment is of a significant measure, positively impacting the local economy
  • Increased employment
  • Significantly improving Cornwall’s image
  • Creating meaningful opportunities for spin-off business activity
  • Event or activity culminates in the current year

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Above and Beyond


Award recipient announced on Awards Night!

The Above and Beyond award recognizes exemplary service in the community or elsewhere. Generally speaking, it is awarded to a firm or individual who goes, as the award suggests, more than what would generally be expected. Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Exceptional service to others
  • Personal or, company commitment with no expectation of reward
  • Enhancing the community’s image
  • Positive public relations example for Cornwall
  • Assisting others to succeed

Candidates for this award may be a business or, someone employed by a local business or organization, a volunteer in at one of Cornwall’s many agencies or, members of the community who have made a positive difference because of an extra effort on behalf of others.

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Lifetime Business Achievement


This year’s nominees are:

  • Riverside Restaurant
  • Cornwall Gravel Co.
  • Riley’s Bakery


The City of Cornwall boasts an enviable group of longstanding business professionals. These individuals have not only made their mark in the world of commerce, they have enhanced the community as a whole.

Their belief in the community has seen them give of their time and expertise to help create an environment of growth and prosperity and to make a better quality of life for all. Specific criteria included are not limited to:

  • Long term business success
  • Created and maintained employment in the city
  • Demonstrated and recognized community commitment
  • Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility in a changing business world
  • Innovative business strategies
  • Recognized business leader and role model

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Breakthrough Award


Award recipient announced on Awards Night!

A special award not always presented, it recognizes an extraordinary local event or people accomplishing extraordinary things which benefit the community in unique and meaningful ways.
The award may be given to an individual, a group, an organization or, a business. In general terms the award recognizes a significant accomplishment that benefits the entire City. Specific Criteria for the award include:

  • Significantly improving Cornwall’s image
  • Dramatically and positively impacting the entire community
  • An accomplishment eclipsing normal individual and company boundaries
  • Creating meaningful new opportunities for business
  • Event or activity culminates in the current year

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Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce

Citizen of the Year


Award recipient announced on Awards Night!

The Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce introduced the Citizen of the Year award in 1972. Since then, the Chamber has regularly honoured local citizens who have made an outstanding contribution in the community. Nominations are evaluated on the nature of the achievement with respect to ongoing leadership, dedication and the positive impact the individual has made on the community and those who work and live here.

Criteria for individuals eligible for nomination and consideration include but are not limited to:

  • An area resident who has demonstrated excellence in Cornwall’s community service and who has substantially enhanced the well being of its citizens.
  • The services provided have not been performed as part of the normal course of professional or business duties. Rather, the contribution has been given freely without thought of receiving any personal or financial gain.
  • The achievement may include community service in various sectors including business and industry, sports, arts and culture, heritage conservation, the environment, etc.

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Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce

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