Chamber Warns of DirectPages411 Scam

January 6, 2017

Chamber Warns of DirectPages411 Scam

Cornwall – Area businesses may be targeted for the latest version of telephone book advertising. This according to Chamber Executive Manager, Lezlie Strasser.

“A targeted business will receive what appears to be an invoice from DirectPages411,” reports Strasser. “It leads businesses to believe they are paying for a business directory or telephone book ad and in some cases, it may warn of past due penalties. The Chamber has investigated the matter and has determined it to be a scam.”

The Chamber advises area businesses to use due diligence whenever they receive a document they are unsure of. Because businesses may receive all manner of unsolicited mail, particularly those appearing to be an invoice or, other requests for payment, check to make sure you did not have any contact with the firm in question.

“We hope that any business receiving such items will contact the Chamber,” continues Strasser. “Once we are aware of the matter, we will take the necessary steps to make the community aware.” In addition, Strasser offers some guidelines to help businesses protect themselves.


∙           Train your staff to spot potential scams.

∙           Inspect all invoices to ensure their legitimacy.

∙           Verify to clarify if a business is above board, i.e the Better Business Bureau.

∙           File a complaint. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 and the Better Business Bureau at



For more information, contact:

Lezlie Strasser, Executive Manager

  1. 613-933-4004

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