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Chamber taking on devastating Bill 148

October 5, 2017

Last June, the Cornwall Chamber expressed its concern on its web site E-news section about the government’s proposed Bill 148, legislation that could have a significant impact on the Cornwall regional  business sector.

Since then, it has taken a number of steps to bring into clear focus the impact of this Bill. It also understands that some of its members have written to Premier Wynne outlining the effect her Bill will have on their businesses.

The Chamber has also corresponded with MPP McDonell on the issue and has asked him to bring the issue up in the Legislature. In addition, it has sent out a survey asking members for input as to the impact the Bill will have on their businesses.

While surveys continue to come in, the evidence appears to show that a number of local businesses will be faced with cutting employee hours and in some cases, layoffs.

Here are some of the key issues the Chamber is challenging.

32% minimum wage increase in less than 18 months.

  • 48 hour shift cancellation (cancelled in less than 48 hours, employee must be paid for three).
  • 10 personal days for employees, the first two of which with pay.
  • Three weeks paid vacation after 5 years (up from 2)
  • After three months, employee may request schedule change, (e.g. to not be obliged to work on a Sunday even if originally agreeing to).

Province-wide, the impact could be devastating with a recent analysis showing:

A $23 billion hit to business over the next two years

  • 185,000 Ontario jobs at immediate risk, over the next two years.
  • 30,000 of those jobs at risk for youth under the age of 25 (summer and part time)
  • 96,000 of those at risk are expected to be women
  • An expected increase to inflation that could cost consumers $1,300 per household, on average, each year.

The Cornwall Chamber will continue to work with the Ontario Chamber and chambers province-wide to lobby the government for reasonable changes to the Bill.



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