Networking… more than just business cards

Networking is not just a collection of business cards, it is VERY important to follow up with the people you meet. Call them, go for coffee, engage on their social media networks. In today’s social society it is important to keep front and center if you want to help people with your product or services. […]

Hire a Student

Got a small project you need completed for your business? Use a student at either St. Lawrence College or Cornwall Career College! Students get real-world experience, local business connections and a project for their portfolio and businesses get their project done. Excel spreadsheets, internet research, PowerPoint presentations, marketing research, secret shoppers, social media campaigns, web […]

Get Engaged

Having trouble getting engaged? Help someone else get engaged. The results will be contagious. Submitted by Ryan Seale

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Encourage our community to discover local shops by organizing a Scavenger Hunt. “Find Grampa’s Chess set” (Poppy’s Pawns Plus). Prizes could include tickets to local attractions. Various age level hunts to bring in participants from all demographics. Submitted by: Alison

Sit and Listen

Sit and listen to others, without saying anything back. -Taken from the idea wall in Amy’s office

Focus on the end result

When you focus on the end result, all actions, decisions & practices will result in your desired outcome.

Give to the Community

Give something back to the community. -Taken from the BizFest idea wall

I think we should really put a move on finding or creating a place to bring together the music community.

I think we should really put a move on finding or creating a place to bring together the music community. All we need is space. The people, the spirit, and the equipment are already available. We just need some community space to bring it all together. Once together, I have no doubt that the projects […]

Give 1% more everyday

Giving just that 1 little bit extra each day will magnify your result no matter what you are trying to achieve. Submitted by Amy Malyon

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